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Best Way of Approaching your First Home

Are you feeling stuck for ages at your parent’s place? Do you think you have blown enough on rent? Or may be, the idea of home ownership has started making its way into your dream figments. Newsflash: you can own your own home and why not- don’t we have the highest percentage of home owners on the planet? In fact, for reasons more than one, 2014 seems like the best time to fulfil your ownership ambition.
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Finding Enough Financial Muscle for Your First Home

First home buyers are not serving too many aces these days. While I concede they are taking a beating from a very accomplished adversary (the investors), they are worsening matters by making a lot of “unforced errors”.

Australia, statistically, has the highest percentage of home owners on this planet. Need it be said then that you may be harbouring intentions of participating in this great Australian dream, too. If yes, do not but treat it as the most important decision of your career, one whose implications will be spread over the next decade, at least. Let me take you through the Dos.
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Micro-location of a Property Just As Significant

Investors love the ring of the term Capital Growth; the way the term melts in their mouth. Having said this, capital growth is not always there for the taking. Achieving it needs a few hard measures, a lot of Due Diligence and a disciplined, investment-oriented mindset. It goes without saying that you have to choose your property in right suburbs but is it all you need to do? Let us find out.
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Buying A First Home Remains A Possibility

Strong investor activity in the First Home Buyer segment means that the dices are loaded against that 28% population which is yet to own a home. Already, they are feeling ‘hammered’ auction after auction and to add to their plight, media is pronouncing the last decline of the first home buying fraternity, guided by statistics which show lowest level of FHB activity this quarter since the time records are being maintained.
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How Do Most Home Buyers Evaluate Homes?

I read an interesting piece on the website I will go on to say that most of the findings the article talks about is  in sync with my expectations. The article is about the aspirations of buyers when they are searching for a home.
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NOW Is The Time To Buy Your First House

Over the years I have advised many first home buyers as to the right time for purchasing a home. In many cases I have found them really apprehensive and overcautious. This stratum of buyers does not trust itself too much. First home buyers readily assume that they should take the property plunge only when they have enough in their kitty. Nothing could be farther from truth.
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The Full Roadmap To Your First Apartment

The process of buying your first home may involve an amount you have never spent in your life; a kind of cost which makes diligence doubly necessary.

Ideally, you should be observant about every little detail. Let me take you through the different areas which may turn into pitfalls on a later day if left un-negotiated.
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Superannuation Concessional Cap Raised By $10,000

The salary you sacrifice will reap super dividends for you and more quickly so if you are nearing 60 or already over it, reports Noel Whittaker for “The Observer”.

The superannuation concessional cap has been raised from $25,000 a year to $35,000 a year. So what does it mean in practice? You know that your employer is expected to put 9.25% of your yearly salary into your superannuation fund.

For somebody earning $100,000 a year, this amounts to only $9,250 so additionally that employee can now put $25,750 instead of $15,750 (which would have been the case had the concessional cap remained at $25,000) into his super.

While the salary he sacrifices definitely reduces his ‘take home’ (short-term loss) but the boost his superannuation fund gets outweighs the loss in “take home’ as well as the taxes he needs to pay on the contribution.

In this regard, Transition to Retirement (TTR) pensions can also come handy.

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All You Need To Know Before Buying A Home

Getting a nice home for oneself is like completing a major part of the happiness ‘Jigsaw’. But the nicety and persevering beauty of your home will depend upon how you follow these home buying tips.
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New Home Buyers To Benefit From Change In Grant Scheme

A few major housing grants have changed all across the country. Seeing the Goods and Services Tax weighing down home owners, the government came up with the First Home Owner Grant in the year 2000. It offered $7,000 to FHBs looking to buy a new or an existing home, says Emma Sorensen for the website

One major change proposed in the Grant is that it will be only available to new home buyers now. In other words, if you are buying an established home, you won’t be able to avail this government bounty. The Grants may vary subject to your place of residence and date of application.

For New South Wales, the First Home Owner Grant has been changed to the First Home Owner Grant (New Home) Scheme. Through the new scheme, you can avail $15,000 instead of $7,000 now and the cap has been brought down to $635,000 from $835,000. To reiterate, the Grant will only apply for new homes.

Those looking to relocate from their existing metropolitan home to a new regional home can now avail $7000 as part of the Regional Relocation Grant scheme.

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