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High-End Property Market Decline is Starting to Slow

high end property home in Northbridge

After Australia’s worst property slump in a generation, the latest market data analysis heralds good news: the property market decline is now easing up. 

Even better is that according to the latest Property Pulse report from CoreLogic, recovery is going to be fast for the top end of the market. 

In a report by Sasha Karen of Smart Property Investment, she details data findings that bode well for property market investors. 

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Sydney: the second most expensive property market in the world?

sydney is the second most expensive real estate market in the world

In an article on ABC news, business reporter David Chau turns his attention to Australia’s housing market.

According to the latest Demographia rankings, Sydney is the second most expensive property market in the world.

But a local Australian housing market expert disagrees.

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Overseas Investors Continue to Focus On Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

sydney property market

“Location, location, location” may be the undisputed mantra of real estate everywhere. But if Carolyn Cummins’ piece on the state of Sydney’s market is anything to go by, “timing, timing, timing” is equally appropriate.

In her recent report for, she points out that “The appreciating dollar and new taxes have not deterred overseas investors buying up luxury homes in Melbourne and Sydney.”

And this is why, if you’re thinking of buying real estate in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, the time may be right now.

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Sydney Rental Market Will Stay Strong – Here’s Why

To say that Sydney’s rental market has exploded in recent years is an understatement.

Demand remains high, despite the number of rental properties increasing by over 800 percent since 2010—which would normally prompt prices to drop.

But what’s the real reason behind Sydney’s ability to defy the laws of real estate supply and demand?

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Home Price Growth In Sydney Continued in June 2017 – and Beyond?

As we reached the mid-year mark, home prices in Australia’s biggest cities continued to rise.

This is according to a report written by David Scutt for Business Insider Australia, who notes that: “Prices in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart all screeched higher, logging gains in excess of 2%, while those in Perth jumped by 1.4%,” based on statistics released by Corelogic for their Hedonic Home Value Index.

This is encouraging news for all investors and home owners. But what about the future?

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Why Luxury Home Prices Will Keep Rising in Sydney

Do you want to know why Luxury Home prices will keep going up in Sydney, irrespective of local conditions?

I just read an interesting article by Robert Frank at that outlines just that.

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Why Overseas Buyers Keep Buying Sydney Property

In real estate, a good investment starts with choosing the right location.

And if overseas buyers are anything to go by, the prime option these days is buying property in Sydney.

Looking at opportunities from the perspective of China’s growing millionaire class, the collective draw of lucrative investments with high yields is bolstering the Australian real estate market.

This is especially true for Sydney. Why is this the case?

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Expected Housing Price Growth in Sydney for 2017 and Beyond  

2016 was a great year for the real estate market in Sydney—and it looks like 2017 is poised to be even better.

Investments saw major returns by way of soaring prices, low interest rates, and a lower Australian dollar. All of which contributed to draw both local and foreign interest into the Sydney property market.

But as they say in real estate: location is everything. Where you put your money will define the value of your investment, and how much you will get out of it.

So let’s look at how Sydney is likely to perform in 2017 and over the coming years.

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Sydney And Melbourne Homes Are Selling Much Quicker Than Other Capital Cities

In an article for the website Property Observer, senior research analyst Cameron Kusher writes about the current housing situation in Sydney and Melbourne.

We all know that property values have been going up Australia-wide for almost five years. We also all know that nowhere have homes been selling as quickly as in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Why Investing In Sydney Property Is (Still) A Great Idea

Investing in property in Australia, specifically in Sydney can be quite tricky as the real estate market down under has been doing so well for the past decades.

People wonder if it’s a good idea to put their money in properties because after so much growth there has to come a bursting bubble, right?

But, with the strong economy and low base interest rates (1.5%), investing in Australia real estate may still be good move for increasing your overall wealth and financial portfolio.

Here’s why:

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