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High-End Property Market Decline is Starting to Slow

high end property home in Northbridge

After Australia’s worst property slump in a generation, the latest market data analysis heralds good news: the property market decline is now easing up. 

Even better is that according to the latest Property Pulse report from CoreLogic, recovery is going to be fast for the top end of the market. 

In a report by Sasha Karen of Smart Property Investment, she details data findings that bode well for property market investors. 

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Why Luxury Home Prices Will Keep Rising in Sydney

Do you want to know why Luxury Home prices will keep going up in Sydney, irrespective of local conditions?

I just read an interesting article by Robert Frank at that outlines just that.

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Malcolm Turnbull Puts Negative Gearing Changes Off The Table

The negative gearing debate never cools down. The Malcolm Turnbull coalition, though, has managed to put it off the table as it looks forward to firming up economic policies prior to the election. The focus will be on household wealth and property values instead of capital gains tax and negative gearing, said the spokesman for the coalition.
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Why Property Prices Are Higher Than 3 Decades Ago

In an article for the website Property Update, Pete Wargent discusses 7 reasons why property prices today are nowhere near the levels they were at three decades ago. Wargent begins the article by recommending to investors to capitalise on the phenomenal population growth and cramped supply in urbanised locations.
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Reasons Why Property Prices Won’t Fall in a Hurry

In an article for the website Property Update, Michael Yardney sheds light on few reasons why Australian property prices may remain perennially high (well, almost perennially!).
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Median House Prices in Sydney Past $800,000

In an article for the website Property Observer, Jonathan Chancellor talks about the latest spike in Sydney median housing prices. From $787,000 for the March quarter, it has risen 3.1% to stand at $811,837 for the June quarter.
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Have Prices Maxed Out in Sydney and Melbourne?

In an article for the website Property Update, Michael Matusik sheds light on how capital growth is relatable to a rise in household income, interest rates and the demand-supply dynamics, among other things.
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Asking Prices Reflect Vendor Struggle

In an article for the website Street News, Louis Christopher dissects asking prices, vendor activity, and a few myths like the “property bubble”, among other things.
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Notice Periods Landlords and Tenants Should Be Aware of

Investors become wary when rental growth of their neighbourhood begins to doze off or when rental yields for their city/state begin to suffer in general. However, such things may at large be beyond their control. What is certainly within their direct control is that their tenants do not rob them off or even behave in a frivolous manner. There are certain set of rules each investor (also likely to be a landlord) must observe.
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Agents Conspire With Sellers To Inflate Prices

No game is short of its share of villains and the great game called the property market also has its fair share of real estate agents who ply their trade dubiously. In an article for the website Smart Property Investment, Stefanie Garber talks about how they conspire along with the sellers to inflate prices of the properties.
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