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What Homeowners and Renovators Must Research On

It will be sunny…really sunny before long and there is something about the Sun which inspires ideas. Homeowners will have their minds fixed on certain renovations and extensions and they will carry it out, too, unlike the winter months when their ideas remained just that. It is then significant to be cautioned that any bold step or drastic property statement must come with its dose of research and review. This is true for investors, owner-occupiers as well as first home or next home buyers.
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How to Add Value to Your Home Through Renovation

Investors will make a kill for any brilliant idea dawning on them that makes their properties more appealing to the buyers. After all, the mantra of investment is based on buying at a “certain price” and selling off at a “distinctly higher price”.
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5 Avoidable Kitchen Renovations

Each age has its magical “physical territory”- just the kind of place where magic happens. Today’s age is that of the kitchen. From a purely utilitarian draw to a cosmetic zone, it has now jumped levels to become the prime area of a home. It is the place where we gather and talk about our last week’s gossip- especially important because of the hectic lives we lead.

The kitchen island (largely in absence of the traditional dining halls) is where our gastroenteric leanings meet our gossiper’s appetite. Kitchen is also the place which has the power to woo any prospective buyer even if the other rooms puts him off. Keeping all this in mind, let us go through the 5 cardinal mistakes of kitchen renovations.
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Seek Credit Cards for Home Renovation But Show Paying Discipline

Credit cards have increased our propensity towards debt but I dare to believe that our credit-savviness is a result of our own paltry attitude towards handling plastic money. Yes, credit cards can allow you that great buying leverage but if your line of thinking is, “I have to pay this amount in the future and future exists only in the mind”, you have got your maths utterly wrong. That day in the future will come at you at the speed of 60 minutes per hour and soon enough you will have to pay. If, however, you can be disciplined with this powerful tool, there is no reason why credit cards cannot become a weapon in your hand. Let me show you how it can help a renovator- one among its many uses.
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Debate Around the Optimum Home Size

Our obsession for big homes has helped us displace a long-standing trend. For the first time, homes built in Australia are bigger than those built in America and this change in statistic-sheet needs some serious introspection. It is time to ponder whether we actually need such big homes, especially in the light of an ever-imminent housing shortage.
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Consider these aspects before buying a fixer upper

Real estate investors have become thoroughly busy and this has grossly affected the position of first home buyers. In the context, mooting over the idea of purchasing a fixer upper appears extremely attractive. Hold your bus, however, for there are certain considerations you cannot venture to overlook while making your decision; whether or not to buy the fixer upper. Here are a few of those considerations.
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Doors and windows- weak links of home insulation

With the property market getting a shot in the arm, it has become significant to look at the aspect of home renovation, too. While décor regarding indoor spaces, gardens and patios are sufficiently considered, issues of home insulation are still ignored at times, writes Carolyn Boyd for The Sydney Morning Herald.
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What you need to know before undertaking home renovation

Home renovation or revamping is time for taking a few creative liberties. There is something about it which makes people simply love the idea. When you are about to inhabit a house, you attach a lot of merit to its renovation. However, any such revamping might turn out to be an endless “money pit”, argues Brad Porteus in an article for

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