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Why Overseas Buyers Keep Buying Sydney Property

In real estate, a good investment starts with choosing the right location.

And if overseas buyers are anything to go by, the prime option these days is buying property in Sydney.

Looking at opportunities from the perspective of China’s growing millionaire class, the collective draw of lucrative investments with high yields is bolstering the Australian real estate market.

This is especially true for Sydney. Why is this the case?

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Owning Overseas Property? Find Out Its Tax Implications

As an asset class, property has done a lot to bring happiness to Australians. Many investors have meaningful portfolios which are well diversified. Some investors look beyond their State and invest in others (NSW investors investing in Queensland, for instance). Then there are those investors who like mixing gearing and positive cash flow by investing in overseas properties.
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Will Sydney’s Property Bubble Burst Or Deflate Slowly?

Has the Sydney property market run its course? Are we nearing a property bust? For some time now, the doomsayers have been warning of a bust at the top of their voices. They feel that the property market in the Harbour City does not have anything more to offer. Prices are at their peak value and the Sydney property bubble may burst any time now. There is a saying that goes, “intelligence is full of doubts and fools are always cocksure”. When it comes to real estate, it is good to travel the middle path. So, without sounding either too sure or too doubtful, let me dissect the idea of the impending property boom.

I am about to share a few pointers that I think are crucial to understanding the present property market scene in Sydney and I will also ponder over that one special aspect which can be the single biggest determining factor.
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Impact of Overseas Property Investors

If you’re a millionaire from China and you have decided to bring money to Australian shores, here’s something to smile about: our country would love to have you. If you have any doubts about that, let’s check the stats. Australia offers you permanent residency if you have $5 million to invest in our real estate. You will be startled to see how it compares with global stats.
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