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10 Common Traps To Avoid For First-Time Home Buyers

first-time home buyers

As a first-time home buyer you play an important role in any property market. Typically this means you are looking to buy at the lower price end of the market. Unfortunately this is often where it is most competitive, too.

Since this is your first time buying a house, you are more likely to make some beginner mistakes.

I’ve listed down 10 of the most common traps that I have seen first home buyers fall into. Check and see that you do not fall into these yourself.

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How to Buy Property During COVID Lockdowns in Sydney

impact of COVID-19 on Sydney property market

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the Sydney housing market – though not quite in the way many of us expected. Yes, it has always been difficult and costly to purchase a home in Sydney. But now, with the latest restrictions in place, properties are even harder to find and more expensive to obtain. If you must buy property during a COVID-19 lockdown, you’ll need to adopt a different and more sophisticated approach to what other buyers have done before.

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How to buy the right property in Sydney’s rising market and prosper

rising property market in Sydney 2021

Sydney’s rising market is drawing a lot of headlines. If you want to get into the market or secure an investment during this rise, what are you to do?

It takes a lot of preparation combined with savviness to succeed in this environment.

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How to find off-market property in Sydney (before anyone else!)

finding a dream home in Sydney

You know how heartbreaking it is to search for a new home in Sydney. Everyone in town seems to be vying for the same thing you’re after. The property is often on action. All that competition is bad news since the demand can drive the property price well beyond your budget. (And then it gets snapped up by someone wealthier and faster than you… again.)

But you can avoid that heartbreak by finding the perfect Sydney property ahead of everyone else. How? Don’t go combing through the publicly-listed properties. Go “off-market” instead.

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What to do at auctions in the current heated Sydney market

Buying properties at auctions in Sydney heated market

Australians continue to flock the Sydney market in the hopes of buying valuable properties at auctions. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, people still want to secure their dream home. Their eagerness to buy has helped fuel the real estate industry in the Harbour City.

If you’re looking to buy property, now’s may be the best time do so, as the market keeps rising. Auctions are an excellent place to buy the house of your choice. Or if you play your cards right, you might get it even before it reaches bidding.

Here’s how you can buy property at auctions in Sydney’s heated market.

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Sydney Property Market Forecast for 2021

Sydney property market forecast for 2021

With 2020 finally over, it’s time to take a look at the Sydney property market forecast for 2021. COVID-19 proved to be a major disruption to the real estate industry. However, its impact wasn’t as bad as many initially thought.

As we push forward with the new year, many experts feel optimistic about the Sydney market’s chances. Making a sound property investment depends on how well you can temper your expectations.

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Pre-Auction Tips: 9 Things To Do BEFORE Auction Day

auction tips

Property auctions can be a great place to acquire your next home – if you know what you’re doing.

There are many things you must know and understand before diving into this high-stakes/high-stress process.

Here are some of my best tips. You’ll find one that’s is often overlooked — but not by you — after you read this.

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The Impact of Baby Boomers on the Australian Property Market – A Guide for Property Investors (updated)

baby boomer

Yes, there is COVID-19 – but what about the huge demographic shift from retiring Australian baby boomers and its impact on the Australian property market? Will it lead to the collapse of real estate prices?

Baby boomers have at times been equated with the elephant in the (property market) room. There have been widespread discussions about what may happen when this group sells properties in bulk.

Given that there are 5.3 million baby boomers expected to retire in the next 10-15 years, there should be an impact.

Is it a concern or more of an opportunity for property investors?

Let’s find out.

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