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7 of the Best Property Investment Quotes of all Time

property investment quotesYou can read endlessly about purchasing property and real estate investments. Sometimes all that is required is a little perspective – something that can easily get lost in all the chatter.

So I decided to collect some of the most inspiring quotes to grow your real estate portfolio and wealth. Hang these up on your wall or bathroom mirror.

Never lose sight of your bigger goals.

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How To Protect Your Property Portfolio And Income

property portfolio financial protectionOne of the biggest risks of purchasing property is cash flow. Loan repayments, specifically, tend to be an intimidating factor among interested real estate investors.

Why? Because unforeseen circumstances could ultimately lead to investors losing their portfolio.

This could be prompted by unexpected job loss, or if and when serious health issues come up that prevent you from earning our regular income.

To help address these very real risks, it’s important that you are prepared. Safeguard your property portfolio. Following are some key points that eveyr property buyer should keep in mind:

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Why Luxury Home Prices Will Keep Rising in Sydney

luxury home prices keep risingDo you want to know why Luxury Home prices will keep going up in Sydney, irrespective of local conditions?

I just read an interesting article by Robert Frank at that outlines just that.

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Why Overseas Buyers Keep Buying Sydney Property

buying sydney propertyIn real estate, a good investment starts with choosing the right location.

And if overseas buyers are anything to go by, the prime option these days is buying property in Sydney.

Looking at opportunities from the perspective of China’s growing millionaire class, the collective draw of lucrative investments with high yields is bolstering the Australian real estate market.

This is especially true for Sydney. Why is this the case?

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Expected Housing Price Growth in Sydney for 2017 and Beyond  

housing price growth in Sydney2016 was a great year for the real estate market in Sydney—and it looks like 2017 is poised to be even better.

Investments saw major returns by way of soaring prices, low interest rates, and a lower Australian dollar. All of which contributed to draw both local and foreign interest into the Sydney property market.

But as they say in real estate: location is everything. Where you put your money will define the value of your investment, and how much you will get out of it.

So let’s look at how Sydney is likely to perform in 2017 and over the coming years.

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Q&A: When Is The Right Time To Invest In Sydney Property?

invest in Sydney propertyYou’ve worked hard for years and now you have a bit of money saved up for investments. Like most Australians, your top of mind investment option is in real estate. This is not at all surprising as it is one of the best ways to secure your financial wealth.

Good real estate investments have yielded high returns to most people in the past. You want to find the right moment to dive in and get into the game. But with current property prices, you ask yourself: is it wise to invest in Sydney property now?

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What Is Your Most Important Retirement Asset?

most important retirement assetA recent article by really caught me by surprise.

In the article, the MLC Quarterly Australian Wealth Behavior report/survey suggests that most Australians think they need about $818,000 in savings and investments to retire. However most people expect to only have $557,000 available to them when retirement comes – a clear shortfall.

So why am I surprised? Because according to the article, Australians are forgetting to factor in their most important retirement asset.

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5 Key People To Ask for Real Estate Investment Advice

real estate investment advice from financial advisorIn a world where generic real estate queries are just one Google search away, it’s nice to know that there are still people out there who can give you personalised real estate investment advice.

Before buying any property, you need to be well-informed about your personal options. Your financial capacity, the property’s investment potential, among others.

I’ve listed five essential people you should seek advice from before making a property investment:

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