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3 Things to Leave Behind when you Move

We have been hearing a lot about the minimalist approach of late. Put it in another way, the emphasis is on de-cluttering our homes. It is natural enough to get attached to every part of our home and this is probably why moving house is a time of heartbreak. This being said, we cannot carry our whole home with us and as much as we would wish to take everything along, few things needs to be left behind, keeping in mind the “road to minimalism”.
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DIY Operations By Tenants is A Bad Idea

Sometimes when a landlord rents out to relatives or friends or becomes really friendly with the tenants, he may get carried away and say yes to requests like, “Can I make a moderate change in the bathroom fixtures?” or “Can I work on the attic vents a little?”
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Allowing Pets Give Landlord a Bargaining Tool

We have seen modifications in strata bylaws recently and one which is most interesting is the permission to bring pets along. This can be a great boon for baby boomers in particular. After all, pets increase our passion for life and also contribute to a happy family scene (just so important at the later stage of life).
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Do You Fancy Stable Living Quarters or not?

The word that perhaps defines human attitude the best is ‘restless’. We strive to drive the tensions in our lives, and having done so, get so irritated by our new peaceful lives that we look towards creating tensions again. This subjective assessment holds true even when we talk about desired homes. Do we fancy stable living quarters or are we forever eyeing the new abode?

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What If It Rains While You Are Moving House?

Nobody wants to move house in anything but perfect weather. While you need to be at the bottom edge of your luck to encounter cyclones and snowstorms on this day, you can very well face a bout of rain and thunder. So do you postpone moving? You are hardly in a position to do so by this time.
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Efforts To Make While House Hunting With Your Partner

The person you love may love you just as deeply or more but this does not imply that your priorities and values will be same. After all, you both are two different individuals shaped by different life experiences. We are so obsessed with the thought of home ownership that so often we are in no mood to relent- we do not want to accommodate for anything that’s not at the top of our wish list. This attitude has to be shaken off when you are house hunting with your spouse or sweetheart.
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Moving House? You Will Do Well To Remember These Tips

We have a tendency to get attached to our homes, as if they were living beings. Whenever we have to move to a different location, we get emotional, thus ignoring certain important to-do stuffs. Here is a functional checklist of the things you need to mind while moving house –
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How To Find The Perfect Investment Property

Focussed property investors always keep an eye on capital gains and rental yields. How much does a capital asset increase in value over time cannot be estimated right at the outset. However, you will invariably be rewarded with capital gains if you buy your investment property in right location and in historically strong areas which also fall within the ambit of active town planning for future.
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What You Need To Know About Responsibilities Of A Landlord

The role of the landlord begins once your owner-occupier or investment property goes in the hand of tenants and ends when – Well! It never really ends. As a landlord you are expected to comply with guidelines provided by the State, not to mention the need to strictly adhere to various laws.
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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Property Manager

If you manage your property yourself, you will save on costs otherwise billed as “fee of property manager”. You will also be safe with the idea that your profits (and losses) depend upon your own diligence. Great!

However, the other side of the coin is that you will be personally attached to the property and in due course of time, the whole affair of management may become a stress-inducing exercise. Add to this any shortage of market or industry knowledge on your part- which is all too possible a case.
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