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Australia Ranked 2nd By The Annual Human Development Index

If there are times you can see the Sun at midnight, you may be able to boast of being better than Australia. The rest of the world can safely forget the comparison. Australia has been rated 2nd, one rung below Norway (The Land of Midnight Sun), by the Annual Human Development Index.

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Take the Pain out of Moving Homes

Home owners find the experience of moving homes highly stressing. This is partly because they are programmed to see it this way. With meticulous preparation and some common sense, you can make it an enjoyable adventure, writes Andrea Morgan for the London Property News. Morgan asks us to follow these simple tips:

  1. Start packing as soon as you anticipate a shift (even a whiff from somewhere). Throw away anything that has no utility value even if it is high on nostalgia.
  2. Use boxes, bubble wraps, sharpies and notepads before you start the packing process.
  3. Make a list of everything.
  4. Clean your new home before you move into it with your furniture. Clean the old home too so that you don’t feel ashamed in handing over its keys.
  5. Start being a control freak. The more you are in control, the richer you will make the moving experience.

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Have you recently moved homes? What is your best tip for making it a better experience?

8 tips to ensure a stress-free holiday

Ideally, holidays should mean a small time-warp free from the stress of everyday life. However, leaving behind an unattended home is in itself a stress-inducing factor. Hence, the idea is to take a few smart precautions before setting out on your pleasure trip. I read an engaging article which suggests 8 tricks to keep your home safe in your absence. Disclaimer- Some of these tips are only for your greater peace of mind and not related to burglary in any way.
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