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Weakening Aussie dollar may boost foreign investment

1388612_market_movements_2A weakening Aussie dollar could be a real cause of merriment for the foreign investors. It might even bring the expats back to Australia. Patrick Stafford for the Property Observer writes that a bottoming out currency would mean more purchasing power for the foreign investors and they would not like to miss out on this opportunity of investment.

The Aussie dollar is presently trading at US96 cents. In a year, it is expecting to come down to 85% of the US dollar’s price in exchange rates.

The expected recovery of the American economy would mean the US dollar getting buoyant and in its wake it will weaken the Aussie dollar further. Thus, we might see a lot more money coming to Australia through tourism, but also into local property. Sydney of course is one of the main attractions for foreign investors.

Already, the auction clearance rates are throwing up pretty good numbers across the country. Sydney and Melbourne are doing particularly well, closing almost 15%-20% above the figure for April-May last year.

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