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Aussie Buyers Seek Location Above The Condition Of The Property

property locationLocation is on the top of the minds of Australian property buyers. This is followed by availability of amenities. To put it differently, the condition of a property hardly holds centre-stage in the criteria a buyer sets for himself today. Brendan Wong for The Adviser asserts that “property condition” has lost its traditional dominance.

A study by Slater & Gordon Conveyancing shows that Australians look for dwellings which are close to schools (reputed ones), workplace and transport hubs. Those sellers who are busy home staging should not worry about “sprucing up their homes” at all.

Buyers eye renovation today

At least partially, this shift has got to do with the new mindset of renovation in buyers. They do not worry too much about condition of property because they are invariably keen on renovating it. The article does not say for a moment that you should lose out on presenting the property in the best way possible; it is just that looks do not weigh too heavily on the minds of buyers anymore.

Survey with more than 2,000 respondents

An online survey with more than 2,000 respondents yielded interesting results. Women held “closeness to schools” dearest whereas men gave highest marks to “proximity to the CBD“.

Size of land crucial for Sydneysiders

With Sydney, things have always been different. While Sydneysiders also hold proximity to schools and workplace in high regard, they are also very keen on land size.

You can read the original article here.

Cafe culture also entices buyers today

In my opinion, the idea of walkable neighbourhood is coming up big time. Australian citizenry is also looking for urban setting and associated cafe culture more than it did ever before. This perhaps is the cause for the under-performance of regional properties.

Diverse growth factors

After the downturn of mining sector, buyers have understood that those places suffer most which are reliant on a single-industry. Hence, buyers look for diverse factors of growth in their property location today.

What do you foremost seek in a property?