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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Property Manager

If you manage your property yourself, you will save on costs otherwise billed as “fee of property manager”. You will also be safe with the idea that your profits (and losses) depend upon your own diligence. Great!

However, the other side of the coin is that you will be personally attached to the property and in due course of time, the whole affair of management may become a stress-inducing exercise. Add to this any shortage of market or industry knowledge on your part- which is all too possible a case.
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5 Tips If You Are Moving House with Children

We do not become averse to changes when we grow up. It’s a natural human instinct and is there in us since childhood. Toddlers love the idea of new toys but it should not come to them at the cost of old ones. 5-6 year-olds love their new school but the memory of kindergarten refuses to fade. If you are looking to move houses, do not overlook the stress it may cause to your child. After all, it may mean losing their bedroom, their neighbourhood, their friends and their happy life-routine for your children.
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8 Steps Towards Successful Renovation

Cherie Barber, Director of Renovating for Profit talks about renovation in a scientific light. In an article for the Property Observer, Jennifer Duke illustrates the 8-point approach of Barber.
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Some Packing Tips for Your Next Move

You may think that buying a home is the most difficult part but there are ample testimonies to suggest that packing for a new home is no child’s play either. Removalists are not accorded so much importance without a reason. After all, we are talking about packing the entire life’s content of your family and unpacking it in a new place without disturbing a single bit of asset-worth or nostalgia-worth. Phew! It is no mean objective to fulfil. Yet if you vow to be disciplined about the job, the process of moving home can be great fun.
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Women outnumber men in terms of home-ownership

Women have skipped past men in terms of home ownership, suggests ABS reports based on 2011 census data. Diane Leow in an article for the Property Observer shows how the percentage of women vying for home-ownership has clearly edged ahead of men. 61% of women are proud homeowners while only 58% of men have invested in properties. Among the singles, the trend is even more distinct with over 65% of women being homeowners as against 55% of men.

Vendors are actually cashing on this trend and investing in more frequent home staging. Display-worthy properties catch the fancy of female buyers a lot more. Women also accord a lot of importance to kitchens. It is their point of focus during home inspections. 59% of them feel that it is the most significant room. This figure is quite in contrast to 37% of men who give maximum importance to kitchen. Men have traditionally been more inclined towards the living room and 56% of them feel this is the most important area.

Buyers care less for pre-existing features and more for the ease with which they can revamp or renovate a home. If they see a lot of opportunities towards improving a home (according to their taste), they are automatically driven towards it.