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3 Things to Leave Behind when you Move

uncluttered-wardrobeWe have been hearing a lot about the minimalist approach of late. Put it in another way, the emphasis is on de-cluttering our homes. It is natural enough to get attached to every part of our home and this is probably why moving house is a time of heartbreak. This being said, we cannot carry our whole home with us and as much as we would wish to take everything along, few things needs to be left behind, keeping in mind the “road to minimalism”.

Refrain from carrying your garden

Australians love their gardens but it does not mean even by a long-shot that we can carry our whole garden along with us. Not only can this be a time consuming activity but it can also cause disruption of organic paraphernalia. Yes, if you think there is a particular plant you just cannot do without; get in touch with a removalist company which specialises in such removals.

Do not take your fixtures with you

Unless there is a customised fixture or a beautifully worked out one, close to your heart piece, I will recommend you to forget about them and create an altogether  a new line of furniture and fittings at your new home. As a first, different places have different sensibilities and the fixture-environment fit cannot be attained at different places with the same set of fixtures. As an aside, the floor plan of your new home might not allow you to use your old fixtures at all.

Organise a pre-move sale

There are things which you know you no longer need. Yet, in your heart you just cannot make the decision of getting rid of them. This is where a pre-move sale can come in handy. Put all giveaways in a cart and sell them off. If money is not an issue, think of just giving them away as a charity. I know that the “beautiful sweater you bought as a souvenir in Vienna” won’t be there on the cart but the one that you bought a decade ago and you no longer wear can certainly make the sale rack.

It is a new place you are going to inhabit and human endeavour can create new memories around a new place. Why choose to cling with the old ones then?

How much do you believe in de-cluttering your place?