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Do You Fancy Stable Living Quarters or not?

Stable living quartersThe word that perhaps defines human attitude the best is ‘restless’. We strive to drive the tensions in our lives, and having done so, get so irritated by our new peaceful lives that we look towards creating tensions again. This subjective assessment holds true even when we talk about desired homes. Do we fancy stable living quarters or are we forever eyeing the new abode?

The pining continues

The above question may escalate to geometric proportions. While quite a few country, people fancy living in bustling cities, there are many city-mongers who hanker after hassle-free country lives. While suburban lives may not offer the rich delicacies of city life, it has more of natural beauty and quietude than the maddening rush of Central Business Districts. Here’s getting into the bottom of house wishes, typically from the Australian mouth.

Surveys on stable living

Surveys show that about 16% people look positively towards dwelling in their existent nests in this life. Compare that to about 36% who are constantly cribbing about housing a new abode. This inborn itch is more a malady for Western Australians than Victorians.

On further classification, we deduce that married people are quite happy about having stable living quarters. The same can be said about middle-aged people, who have tasted different lives and have settled into an opinion. Of course, you can make your inferences about the youth and single people from that.

Men appear steadier

Surprisingly, while men are more-or-less okay with the stable living idea, women find it reactionary. However, women having a bunch of kids prefer living a settled life than flying into new nests and places every now and then.

Getting desires answered

Logic suggests that people, if they get their desires the luxuries and comforts lined up in their dwellings, won’t have a strong longing for new homes. The inherent pining for city lives or the quietude of suburbs are temporary phenomena and people get over that in time. Yes, the common necessities of lives should not be compromised (schools, hospitals, accessibility and so on).

Labouring to erect your house

Other logic is that people, who shed their tears, sweat and blood into the making of their homes, are extremely likely to lead a stable living. The restlessness hit those people more who live in apartments, flats or places unfit for habitation.

Wherever you live, you should strive to create a stable living environment and create your own winning circle. If you find and identify your inner peace in tune with the surroundings, you will hardly whine for a new shelter.

How do you mentally prepare yourself on moving to new homes and places?