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Efforts To Make While House Hunting With Your Partner

house huntingThe person you love may love you just as deeply or more but this does not imply that your priorities and values will be same. After all, you both are two different individuals shaped by different life experiences. We are so obsessed with the thought of home ownership that so often we are in no mood to relent- we do not want to accommodate for anything that’s not at the top of our wish list. This attitude has to be shaken off when you are house hunting with your spouse or sweetheart.

Different set of priorities

Yes, I know you may be a fan of that new craze called open plan living and your partner may be inclined towards the conventional beauty of a separate dining room. You may be all for that idyllic patio or outdoor space and he/she may be completely unwilling to compromise on her front-garden.

It is not a blind wall ahead

So is this a cul de sac, a blind wall ahead? Thankfully, not by a long margin. Day in and out strangers keep hitting the right negotiation chord, those which keep the business world afloat. And here we are talking about two people in love. There is definitely a lot going for them. What is required is to sit back and take a look at your plans from a reasonable distance. This will help you in objectively analysing the merits of each other’s needs.

Borrow from the book of good coaches

There is no reason why you cannot come to a solution which respects the desire of both of you. You know what good coaches do- they do not harp on the mistakes of their reps, they talk about the positive or constructive side of the debate. And it works. You can take a leaf out of their book. Instead of belittling the desire of your partner, talk about why it is important for him/her. Look for means to carve out a floor plan which beautifully accommodates his/her top wishes with yours.

Top 3 wishes (each)

No partner is foolish enough or headstrong enough to believe that each his/her wish be given a higher priority than the other partner’s wish. All people want is that their real deep longings be met. I will recommend you to sit with your partner and chalk out what your 3 deepest desires are. Altogether, it makes for 6 features which just need to be fitted in.

In most cases, it can be done and if you have a good, understanding designer on board, he will surely find a way. If two wishes are mutually exclusive and only one can be met (for instance, a huge swimming pool and a large barbecue space in what is clearly a limited outdoor space), you have be got to sit down and re-evaluate the merit of the assertions.

Probe with questions of maintenance, weather resale worth, and child safety, among other things, and soon one of you will get a good reason to back out.

How did you sort out any bit of difficulty that arose while house hunting with your partner?