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Some Packing Tips for Your Next Move

packing tipsYou may think that buying a home is the most difficult part but there are ample testimonies to suggest that packing for a new home is no child’s play either. Removalists are not accorded so much importance without a reason. After all, we are talking about packing the entire life’s content of your family and unpacking it in a new place without disturbing a single bit of asset-worth or nostalgia-worth. Phew! It is no mean objective to fulfil. Yet if you vow to be disciplined about the job, the process of moving home can be great fun.

Do not carry over mess to your new abode

Before you even think about packing, you need to work on de-cluttering. Oftentimes we are guilty of keeping too many old items with us and even taking them to our new home.

In heart of hearts we know that the items are past their prime or functional age. We just keep them because we are so not given to dishing away things.

Keep a firm foot forward. Make a pile of things you can do without and set them up for a garage sale.

Your clutter may turn out to be someone’s treasure trove. For all you know, you can earn decent money out of the sale.

Start planning well in advance

Next you need to be well-prepared in terms of materials. While we are talking about the “well-prepared” theme, it is worth pointing out that preparations for moving home should begin 6 weeks in advance.

Time and again, those working in the 11th hour have lost their peace of mind, pulled out tufts of their hair and ended up with broken objects and assets.

Material quality worth considering twice

Coming back to the materials now- you must not compromise on the quality of packing materials. The boxes must be sturdy enough and capable of holding heavy objects. They should not pose an undulated surface when it comes to sealing them tight.

The packing tapes, bubble wraps, packing sheets, scissors should all be in order.

A tip about the boxes

Do not make the boxes so heavy that they give out at the bottom. Also, ensure that no empty spaces are left in the boxes. Use sufficient insulation between objects so that they do not collide amongst each other.

Labelling is significant

LABEL boxes diligently. The labelling bit determines the ease with which you unpack. Do not forget to mark the really breakable objects as FRAGILE.

Make separate piles for different objects

You must make segregated piles for different kind of objects. To keep a note of things, you should bring yourself up to jotting everything down with pen and paper. To reiterate, “jot down things” is among the best packing tips anyone can give you.

Common household objects may include, but are not limited to, flat china and glassware, lamp shades, draperies and curtains, tools and equipments, appliances, linens and beddings, figurines and fragile items.

Clean your new home before landing with your gears

A couple of days before moving out to your new abode, make an effort to go there and perform a thorough cleanup. It is only befitting that the place you land up at with your objects and contents is a clean place- a place that you will be calling home.

How many times have you carried not-in-use objects to a new home?