Moving Homes Need Not Be Painful

family activityMoving home is not always a pleasurable experience. A prospective buyer’s first responsibility is to sell his home and while doing so prepare his family for the move ahead. Those homes which have kids find the exercise of moving an emotionally enervating one. This said, there is certainly a way to make the whole experience pleasurable.

Take your children to a good playground

Let us say you have got your vision firmly focussed on a certain neighbourhood but you are still to choose between a few properties there. Now, the best idea will be to figure out where a really good playground is and take your children there. In course of a normal discussion, ask them if they would like to live there.

Just cajole them into the moving bit

“Won’t it be great if we could live here and enjoy this really big playground?” “Do you know there are really smart cafes and ice-cream corners out here? I wish they were there in our present locality, too.” Just read the expression on your children’s face before taking up the matter once again with your hubby in front of your children.

For instance, come night and you just narrate to your spouse, “how much did I and the kids love the place we visited today….can’t we move our homes”. Your spouse will cheerfully play his role in the act and cajole the children further.

Involve your children

Next is the time to involve your children in the process. When you ask a buyer’s agent/agent to visit you, ask your children in advance to prepare questions for him. It is a fact that we cut out rebelling minds by involving them in the decision-making process. It is true for billion-dollar organisations and just as true for children.

When your children will feel they have to work towards this whole phase of shifting homes and that they and their parents are equal partners in the act, they will feel more motivated towards the ‘moving’ bit.

Let them participate in the packing

Plan your moving day in advance and have your children pack all those really foamy packages. Not only do they love the exercise but they also feel as if they are standing at the helm of the action (objects won’t be packed but for them).

I know one day your children will tell you, “Hey! You really duped me into thinking I was the boss” but that will be an allegation you will be only too happy to take up over a cup of coffee.

How do you prepare for moving homes?