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Metamorphosed Butterfly House at Dover Heights on market again

butterfly houseThe Butterfly House on Dover heights is a sculptural masterpiece. To rest the argument, one only needs to see the house- it is without any straight lines or corners and uses curved glasses all along. Jonathan Chancellor in an article on Property Observer reports that the masterpiece (Australia’s rarest and most emphatic piece of architecture) is up for sale. Daniel Baran had sold it for $5.05 million in the year 2000 while the construction was only midway through. Its present owner has put it up for $6.5 million.

The house is constructed over six split levels and looks at the Bridge, Opera House, ocean and the harbor. Light flows unhindered from the north and is well supplemented by powerful natural ventilation. Its architect Mr Ed Lippmann himself feels that such fluid design broke all traditions at the time the house was built. To this day, the design remains avant garde.

Coming on the heels of the high auction clearance in Sydney, this is another good piece of news for the Australian Prestige Market.

Do you think $6.5 million is the right price for an architectural masterpiece like the Butterfly House?