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Moving House? You Will Do Well To Remember These Tips

moving housesWe have a tendency to get attached to our homes, as if they were living beings. Whenever we have to move to a different location, we get emotional, thus ignoring certain important to-do stuffs. Here is a functional checklist of the things you need to mind while moving house –

Get detached

Instil a feeling of detachment with your existing home. This makes the shifting part easy. Make a note of neighbours and people you need to inform about your change of address (e-cards are an excellent idea). Drop the news to your milkman, newspaper vendor and laundry guy. You should also keep your doctor in the know.

Initial adjustments

Don’t let your new home have old locks or else you will always be vulnerable to theft and burglary. Check meter readings. Make sure that it is properly insured. Check your house diligently; there shouldn’t be any cracked walls, leaking ceilings, termite in corners.

Mirror your personality

You should organize your new house according to your sensibilities. A painter likes a different in-house experience than an architect. Isolate the wardrobe area and coffee-table section; these two options give a clear outline of how your home will look like when refurbished. Make a quasi-plan about whatto place where before actually shifting in. Inform the relevant municipality about your shifting.

Register for immovable property

Your landline phone, Broadband Internet and television license are all important to you. Inform the concerned authorities about your move and whether they will relocate their services or let you discontinue. In the latter case, make sure you have them in running order before moving house.

Oversee your possessions

You should methodically create an inventory of your belongings. Keep track of ignored areas (typically attics); for all you know you may have hidden something there and forgotten (keeps happening to me). Try and retrieve stuff loaned or handed to your neighbours.

Organize with removal companies

Compare quotes and even take opinions of learned fellows before choosing your removal company. Give them the full detail of your possessions and reaffirm the time they will take. Keep your family, especially elders, kids and pets at your relative’s place till the replacement is principally done.

How tactful or tactless were you when you moved house earlier?