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4 Rules Which High Achievers Follow To A Tee

rules for high achieversI was going through an article on Jessica Young was pointing out to me 4 rules which high achievers follow without fail. Let me quickly capture them for you.

Rule 1# they enjoy the journey which takes them to the destination

High achievers love to reach somewhere but they also love their journeys equally or more. They completely believe in enjoying the daily processes which lead to expected destinations by the end of the day.

Rule 2# they set themselves difficult but realistic tasks

I read that high achievers set themselves difficult goals but those that are achievable nonetheless. They set their sights high, raise their bars to meet their own expectations but do not chase futile goals. In short, they seek realistic dreams.

Rule 3# they have a brilliant mechanism to cope with stress

I also read that they have terrific coping mechanisms through which they convert unbearable stress to bouncing pads. Stress cannot take away from them their grip on their lives.

Rule 4# they take a break when their mind seeks one

Fourth rule they follow is to put their feet up from time to time. They know they are worth a dozen if their minds are productive. To keep in good mental shape, they take breaks intermittently. It is here that they seek rejuvenation before retraining their minds on the work lying ahead.

Young writes casually about what I think are really solid points. Yes, these can hold you in good stead for your life. Start using them today and you might become an achiever in no time. I have achieved a little bit in my field (in all modesty) and can share with you what it takes to get there.

  • Oodles of discipline and sound work culture
  • A serious desire to help someone in fetching his dream home
  • Healthy amount of Due Diligence
  • The ability to keep looking out of the box
  • Penetrating sharply into subtle market upturns and downturns and predicting them perfectly.
  • Great listening skills, negotiating skills and a mind flexible enough to change stance when needed.

Get most of these right and you may become a far greater achiever than me in the property market.

Do you set yourself some goals which you evaluate from time to time?