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Techniques of Achieving Property Goals

achieving goals“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing”….not only do I love this line, I dare say that I treat the word ‘wings’ much more than metaphorically. For me, our goals are what tie us to the salivating proposition called ‘peace’ and how we achieve them has a lot to do with who we are. Having given my life to the world of properties, most of my big, small, and medium goals have been related to the property world.

Property goals

Sometimes, they have been about developing the best strategy of serving my clients as a buyer’s agent and at other times, the goals have simply hovered around constructing a reasonably assuring property portfolio for myself. So is there a definite way to reach the property goals? I think that the intricacies may vary but the fundamentals do remain the same. Let me share my experience with you.

Vision boards

I am a real big fan of vision boards. There are two reasons for it. First, humans are inclined to respond much more encouragingly to visual stimulus. There is something abiding about a vision that sticks with you. What better way to cap your goal than to give it a visual shape on a vision board?

I was spurred into professional action a lot before the ultimate online vision board called Pinterest arrived at the scene. I fear I am only too conventional in this regard. For me, a wall, a cardboard, some glue and a few relatable photographs do the trick. When I am more creative, I draw the vision myself and stick it to my work desk.

This is how I feel I was motivated to buy my first home, this is how I keep encouraging myself to participate in all the causes it is my duty to commit to, and this is how I give an extra impetus to my short and long term goals.

The sticker can be a house with a swimming pool, an electric car, a green certificate for your home, a property at Rose Bay or a sign denying (or crossing out) the placard “rental home”. The last one, I must say, works beautifully for people saving for their first home.

Instrument of research

In this age where buyer awareness has catapulted to unprecedented levels, it is important to start looking beyond the traditional means of research. No more will a property hunter be ideally served by making incessant car trips around properties- so often it can lead to vague examinations. Move in tune with time instead.

Go bonkers on online research. Prepare to take off layers. Internet allows us to inspect things almost microscopically. You can engage in a multidimensional dissection of every aspect of a property if you are prepared to put in your yards.

Create a ‘positive’ trap

I have another favourite when it comes to setting property goals. Once I am doubly convinced about an idea I share it with one of my colleagues or friends. For instance, I will tell them, “I am planning a modification of my outdoor living space and have scheduled it for May”.

This way, I am subconsciously spurred into action a lot before the deadline in order not to avoid eye contact with the same friend (when I meet him in May). I don’t know what to coin this strategy but this one works superbly. Put more succinctly, create a trap for yourself and then fulfil your goal to come out of the trap.

I hope some of these strategies work for you, too.

How do you spur yourself to goal-fulfilling action?