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Want To Know What Tenants Look For In A High-end Apartment?

luxury apartmentsCameron McEvoy for the Property Observer talks about 10 features which are on the top of the minds of tenants paying big rent bills.

1. Location above all

Tenants give near-top billing to location. A good location includes, but is not restricted to, smart neighbourhood, proximity to the transport hub, consumer destinations, schools and hospitals.

2. Away from traffic noise

Renters look for urban living but at the same time they like their houses to be out of the vortex of high traffic noise. If the house they seek is on main road, they invariably look for those with double-glazed windows.

3. Sense of privacy

High-on-dollar tenants value their privacy and thus look for homes where neighbourhood noise is at its minimal.

4. Balconies

If you are reading an article on what tenants look for, a balcony will most likely be a part of the tally. It is kind of an added incentive to engage in tenancy for sure. The need for balconies is heightened in cases where tenants do not find alternatives for entertaining guests.

5. Bathroom

Bathroom layout is a point renters ruminate over for long. For instance, the difference between a bathroom which includes a bathtub and one which does not is big in their eyes.

6. Laundry facility

While some do not mind settling for laundry cupboards, others may want separate-to-bathroom laundry rooms. I can also vouch for the presence of renters who are willing to share their laundry rooms. In short, most kinds of rooms will do till there is one to be had.

7. The big question of parking

Find out from the local agents the difference in price between parking-included and parking-excluded lots? Also remember that renters like to pay differently for different kinds of parking. As an example, the going rate for an apartment with full lock-up garage may be a decent sum more than one with open, unsecured garage space.

8. Resort-like perks

Big-dollar paying renters look for typical resort-style services like pools, gyms and BBQ.

9. Design aesthetics

High-end renters are impressed by design aesthetics. You can bet they will not mind paying a fair bit more for those quartz countertops, Italian tiles, and new-age HVAC units.

10. Man-environment fit

Like any other buying/renting class, they also prefer a generous dose of community spirit, tranquillity and human-environment fit, among other things.

You can read the original article here.

Green Certification

If I were to rent a property and pay big dollars for it, I would have also looked for its green certification. I would have made sure that it stood tall in terms of its energy rating and was built in a way that naturally discouraged energy loss.

WiFi Connectivity

Also, I would have lobbied for a unit with great WiFi connectivity. Thankfully, developers of upcoming units are treating this aspect as a prerequisite.

What are the features you would additionally look for, given that you are paying big for rents?