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Why Investing In Sydney Property Is (Still) A Great Idea

investing in Sydney propertyInvesting in property in Australia, specifically in Sydney can be quite tricky as the real estate market down under has been doing so well for the past decades.

People wonder if it’s a good idea to put their money in properties because after so much growth there has to come a bursting bubble, right?

But, with the strong economy and low base interest rates (1.5%), investing in Australia real estate may still be good move for increasing your overall wealth and financial portfolio.

Here’s why:

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How To Avoid Emotional Attachment To Property

emotionally attached to a propertyIt happens to the best of us. Sometimes, you can’t help but have an emotional attachment to property you are thinking of buying. How could you not, when the location, design and ambiance of it is just what you are looking for?

Let me tell you that sentimentality can only get in the way of you getting the best value from your property purchase. The first reason why you’re buying a property is to build your wealth and future financial security, and this emotional attachment to property can only distract you from making a sound investment. It will cloud your judgement over the pros and cons of a certain property because you are in love with it.

As with most investments, it has to be seen for what it is, and not always on how you feel about it. Here are some tips to avoid emotional attachment to property:

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What You Must Know Before Investing In Property With Your SMSF

high-value-landAn interesting article written by Bob Korver for Smart Property Investment lists the key elements investors must know before buying a property using their self-managed super fund.

The article states that one of the best things about buying property through your (SMSF) is the low tax rate, currently at 15 per cent. But it’s not just the low tax, there are still two more important factors that you should take note of before investing your SMSF.

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Why Property Investing in Sydney is a Great Move

property investing in SydneyMost Australians have set their sights on Sydney for their dream property investment. I say ‘dream,’ because not everyone can afford it.

For many years now, property prices in Sydney have been steadily growing. Even many investors struggle to save up for their deposits. But still, I encourage people to not give up on their dream of investing in a property in Sydney. Here are three important reasons why investing in Sydney property is a great idea:

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How To Double The Financial Benefit From Your Investment Apartment Right Now

increase investment property returnI just came across a new report from CoreLogic that says that residential rents in Sydney are at their lowest level on record – averaging just 3.1 per cent in April 2016.

Low rental returns can be a sign that property investors are relying heavily on negative gearing to offset their cash flow losses against their taxable income.

There is another easy way to improve cash flow that has nothing to do with negative gearing. Yet according to statistics, a stunning 80% of people investing in apartments are failing to use it.

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New Survey Finds Many Investors Take 4 Years To Save For Deposit

save deposit for investment homesIn a recent article for Smart Property Investment, James Mitchell reports that it takes up to a third of investors more than four years to save the deposit for their next property purchase.

The article goes on to reach a startling conclusion.

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The Surprising Hidden Costs of Looking for a Home

hidden costs of looking for a homeHome hunting remains a passionate pursuit in our country and there are many who keep looking for a year or more before zeroing in on the right property.

What you pay for the property is not necessarily all that you’ll have to spend in the pursuit for a home. There are several surprising hidden costs of looking for a home, too.
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Property Redevelopment Is A Fine Strategy For Building Wealth

property redevelopmentSue Williams writes an article for Domain where she talks about the latest Australian housing adventure. It revolves around using an old home located on a prime spot and then redeveloping it in line with the contemporary standards. What was once a much-pursued strategy of developers is now being followed by many investors and prospective homeowners. These days, they are either using the vacant piece of land right next to their modern property or they are buying an old home on a prime plot and giving it a contemporary facelift.
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Houses or Apartments: Which One Makes For a Better Investment?

houses or apartmentsEver since we were convinced about the usefulness of property as an investment, we have devoted countless hours debating which makes for a better investment: houses or apartments? Decades ago, when we were stuck with our “McMansion in the suburbia” dream, a majority of us would have voted for houses. But now that close-to-CBD life is gaining prominence and we have cleanly departed from the ‘McMansion’ era, the debate has begun to be fought more aggressively. Clearly, the battle lines have been drawn and no side is ready to believe that the other side has enough points to convince them.

apartment unitOver the ambit of this article, let us get introduced to both these investment types, read about their pros and cons, take a look at questions you must ask yourself before deciding on an apartment or a house and lastly–but by no means the least–let us take up a really innovative stance (perhaps the best kept secret of real estate) and figure out which is a better deal between the two.
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13 Things About Australian Investment Properties You Will Kick Yourself For Not Knowing

Australian investment propertiesProperty investors are often confused about the best way to select a property. The rules which apply for an owner-occupied property differ quite a bit from the investment piece. Many factors, internal and external, come into play. You have to be cautious about encroachments, title deeds, lease agreements and tenancy negotiations. At the same time, you have to keep an eye on location, infrastructure initiatives from the government, rental yield and capital growth.

Let’s figure out the 13 most crucial factors for filtering an investment property. This way, without exception, the wheat is separated from the chaff.  You will also stumble upon that one little known secret of real estate investment which every investor will give their right arm to know.
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