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13 Things About Australian Investment Properties You Will Kick Yourself For Not Knowing

Property investors are often confused about the best way to select a property. The rules which apply for an owner-occupied property differ quite a bit from the investment piece. Many factors, internal and external, come into play. You have to be cautious about encroachments, title deeds, lease agreements and tenancy negotiations. At the same time, you have to keep an eye on location, infrastructure initiatives from the government, rental yield and capital growth.

Let’s figure out the 13 most crucial factors for filtering an investment property. This way, without exception, the wheat is separated from the chaff.  You will also stumble upon that one little known secret of real estate investment which every investor will give their right arm to know.
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10 Mistakes of Property Market Investment

Making mistakes at property market investment happens a lot more often than what you might think. You’ll hear about first-time homebuyers regretting their investment choices for various reasons.

But if you really think about it, many of these problems come from the same thing. Would-be investors simply lack the knowledge and preparation to make the right choices.

I’ve come up with 10 of the most common mistakes people make in property market investment. Try to see if you’ve experienced any of these investment faux pas.

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Where To Buy Investment Property? Look For The Sweet Spot

While there are definitely a few stand-out property investment options, many properties do not quite make the cut. At best, they return poor profits when resold and at worst, you just run up losses on them. What do you think differentiates a good property from a bad one? To answer the question, “where to buy investment property?”, we should work towards finding the sweet spot of the real estate market.

It is true that each market can have its peculiar characteristics and may present a different dynamic but it is also true that as they’re lying within the same growth cycle, most of their characteristics remain the same. So if you have a great idea for locating the sweet spot of the Sydney market, it is likely to work (with certain deviations) for Melbourne, too.

Let us then search what makes for a property sweet spot and how we can figure it out. Don’t we all want higher ROI? There is also that one special characteristic of a great investment suburb you will so want to know. Read along!
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12 Factors That Affect Property Prices

As investors, our greatest aim is to keep diversifying our portfolio. Diversification can help absorb losses made on a particular property better. Ideally, every seasoned investor wants to have a very high ratio of profitable properties in his/her portfolio mix. However, is it an easy goal to attain, especially when there are so many factors that can test the property market economy?

Find out some of the major factors that will affect your property investments, including one that is regularly overlooked by most.
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Is Your Suburb About to Witness Rise in Property Values?

Smart rental yield can help you tackle mortgage liabilities, but you will still have to depend on capital growth to ensure that you make a winning investment in real estate.  Property markets, which are about to witness an upsurge in prices, have a few inherent conditions which are common to all. So how can a layman get a better grasp of whether a particular market is going to soar or plateau in the short run?
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Housing Boom is more Fiction than Fact

A new research, done by the Housing Industry Association, shows the different housing conditions in different cities other than Sydney and Melbourne.

The prices in Sydney have gone up by 19.3 per cent in real terms between 2010 and 2014, but they’ve only grown by 16.0 per cent in real terms during 2005 and 2014. Meanwhile, Melbourne price values increased by 6.7 per cent over 5 years and by 41.6 per cent over 10 years.

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Settlement Day: An Exciting Day for Homeowners

 Settlement Day is the last part yet most exciting day for anyone purchasing property. For the least experienced buyers, this day can be a little nerve-wrecking, emotional, and even exciting. But what exactly happens on Settlement Day?

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Facts for Foreigners Investing in or Buying Australian Property

A few good reasons why it’s good to invest in Australian properties

Buying real estate in Australia can be done by both citizens and non-citizens, with the latter having guidelines on how to purchase or invest. The main reason why foreign investors are drawn to Australian properties is that Australia has a proven track record of stable market prices. Let’s go over some facts:

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Is it a Time to Buy or Sell Properties?

John McGrath writes a well-crafted article for Switzer Daily wherein he dissects the movement of the real estate economy and throws light on how the market will trend in the year 2015. There are two categories of homeowners at the moment. The first kind is imagining a plateau ahead and is ready to sell its stocks. The second kind thinks that there may still be some time left before the slide and are hesitating to list just as yet.
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Residential construction in NSW Highest in Last 7 Years

An article on Your Investment Property says the number of residential buildings constructed in NSW in  2015 will be higher than any time in the last 7 years. An 11% hike in residential construction is being anticipated in 2015. The construction work will be spread uniformly over detached housing and apartments. Renovation work is also expected to grow over the year.

Over the three months running up to November 2014, 1.054 million people were directly or indirectly employed by the construction sector.

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