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8 tips to ensure a stress-free holiday

unattended homeIdeally, holidays should mean a small time-warp free from the stress of everyday life. However, leaving behind an unattended home is in itself a stress-inducing factor. Hence, the idea is to take a few smart precautions before setting out on your pleasure trip. I read an engaging article which suggests 8 tricks to keep your home safe in your absence. Disclaimer- Some of these tips are only for your greater peace of mind and not related to burglary in any way.

  • Do not forget to intimate gardeners, grocers and newspaper guy about your temporary absence. You will do well to ask your post office to hold mails.
  • Keep your neighbours in loop. Leave them information about your whereabouts. Ask them to feed your pets.
  • Use motion sensors, alarms and right set of locks
  • Create an impression of being at home. You can conjure the effect by using a timer that switches on your light every 4 hours. It is a nice idea to leave your car behind, soaking sun in the driveway. Clothes on the washing line can help too.
  • It may not be the best bet to leave home while revamping is underway. If you run out of options, remember telling the tradesmen to stop work.
  • Love social media to your heart’s extent but do not broadcast your holiday plans over it. Chances are that while doing so you may just be dropping an invitation to the ‘salivating’ burglars.
  • Keep your phone line unhooked or else constant ringing will clearly declare your absence
  • Make sure you are done with insurance payments. Missing on a Property or a Liability Insurance date can spoil your mood when you come back.

Do you use advanced motion sensors at home?