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5 Avoidable Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovationsEach age has its magical “physical territory”- just the kind of place where magic happens. Today’s age is that of the kitchen. From a purely utilitarian draw to a cosmetic zone, it has now jumped levels to become the prime area of a home. It is the place where we gather and talk about our last week’s gossip- especially important because of the hectic lives we lead.

The kitchen island (largely in absence of the traditional dining halls) is where our gastroenteric leanings meet our gossiper’s appetite. Kitchen is also the place which has the power to woo any prospective buyer even if the other rooms puts him off. Keeping all this in mind, let us go through the 5 cardinal mistakes of kitchen renovations.

1# Avoid concrete countertops

Concrete countertops can look quite a deal when you watch them on home improvement shows on the juke box but in real life, they can make an awry impression. They can look cracked, ‘half-baked’, uneven and very unsightly to say but the least. I think with the HD television wave, even televisions won’t be able to hold their appeal for long.

2# Don’t think any floor will do

The floor of the kitchen must be a rage. It is the area which not only receives a terrific amount of footfall, it also registers a melange of pet excreta, urinary bladder excesses of your children, sauce spills, and prickly granules of broken dishes, among other things. It then becomes important to procure flooring whose resistance is impeccable. In fact, the flooring should be long-lasting, look a peach aesthetically and yet be functional enough to take all the breaks and spills and misuse in its stride.

3# Don’t go for energy-sucking appliances

Make sure that you change all the appliances that are not energy-rated. The energy-rated ones aid you in minimising your electricity bill even as they trigger environment-consciousness.

4# Don’t make a design misfit

Do not err in terms of selecting a design that mocks the structure of your kitchen. For instance, contemporary design will not do any good to a kitchen which has a vintage structure. This is where your home designer’s advice can come in very handy. They know how to use space, scale, form and light in your kitchen in order to blend the fittings with the mood of the original kitchen environment.

5# Don’t overcapitalise

There is always fear of overcapitalising when you go for your kitchen renovations but this is where you need to be crafty. Figure out what you stand to gain in terms of the selling price by renovating the kitchen and budget the renovation or extension accordingly.

The tips, I believe, will hold you in good stead, both from an investor’s and an owner-occupier’s point of view.