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Consequences of buying a “bargain” property

consequences of buying cheap homes

Thinking of buying a home or investing in a property? There is always that chance you end up buying a bargain property.

Buying for a much lower price, however, often comes with surprises. There are basically three terms you will hear when it comes to low priced properties in Sydney and elsewhere in the country:

  • Buying a discounted property
  • Buying a property under market value
  • Buying a bargain property

Let’s have a look at these in turn, and what to be aware of.

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Tips For A Successful Home Inspection – From a Buyers Agent In Sydney

home inspection tips

It is through a home inspection that you will find out if the property you’re eyeing is well maintained and structurally sound.

Hiring the right home inspector for the pre-purchase inspection is important to make sure the home doesn’t have hidden issues that will end up costing you more.

You need an expert to identify potential issues in a home, and whatever the home inspector discovers will work in your favour significantly.
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6 Tips for Buying Well in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Double Bay Harbour FrontIf you love Sydney living at it’s finest, you arguably can’t go past Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Bondi and Coogee have two of the most famous beaches. And while there are many beaches in Sydney, not all can claim such exclusive neighbourhoods and close proximity to the city.

To buy a home in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, I give you 6 tips. And please… take the 6th one seriously.

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Sydney: the second most expensive property market in the world?

sydney is the second most expensive real estate market in the worldIn an article on ABC news, business reporter David Chau turns his attention to Australia’s housing market.

According to the latest Demographia rankings, Sydney is the second most expensive property market in the world.

But a local Australian housing market expert disagrees.

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7 Quick Renovation Projects That Add Value To Your Home

add value to your homeAt some point you may want to sell your current home or investment property. We all want to maximise the value of our homes.

It might be surprising to know that there are some renovation projects that can decrease your home dramatically. Hopefully, you still have not done any of these things.

Luckily, if you are thinking about improving your home, there are some renovations that can increase your home’s value quite significantly. Let’s have a look at what those are.

At the end of the article I will also share with you the biggest value killer.

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Overseas Investors Continue to Focus On Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

sydney eastern suburbs property market“Location, location, location” may be the undisputed mantra of real estate everywhere. But if Carolyn Cummins’ piece on the state of Sydney’s market is anything to go by, “timing, timing, timing” is equally appropriate.

In her recent report for, she points out that “The appreciating dollar and new taxes have not deterred overseas investors buying up luxury homes in Melbourne and Sydney.”

And this is why, if you’re thinking of buying real estate in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, the time may be right now.
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Property Spruiking Strategies That Are Too Good to be True

property spruiking signThe real estate industry is a competitive field. To stand out, businesses employ different marketing strategies to entice more buyers to purchase a property.

And it’s probably because of this, that some businesses end up walking a fine line between promoting their properties and spruiking them.

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Sydney Rental Market Will Stay Strong – Here’s Why

Sydney's rental marketTo say that Sydney’s rental market has exploded in recent years is an understatement.

Demand remains high, despite the number of rental properties increasing by over 800 percent since 2010—which would normally prompt prices to drop.

But what’s the real reason behind Sydney’s ability to defy the laws of real estate supply and demand?

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