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Money and Behavior in the Business World

money and behaviorBrian Tracy, one of the world’s renowned speaker and personal development coach, tackles in his recent blog post the influence of money to human behavior in the business world. Tracy, having dealt with a lot of people, concludes that people view money as their ticket to freedom. By freedom they mean having enough money to stop worrying about safety, security, respect, love, and fulfillment. Accumulating wealth is considered as the direct route to having a good life.

The search for money usually go hand in hand with the search for power. Accumulation of money can be easily done if one has power. Power to control people to do things you want them to regardless of their own beliefs. Power to control resources as well as money to accumulate more. Power can be attained by producing results in the business world. When you increase a company’s assets by bringing in money, your authority and power increases along with your role in the business.

Tracy points out that it is crucial to carry yourself appropriately in order to be taken seriously in the finance world.

You can read the whole article here.

Although people know that money isn’t everything, they understand that achieving their financial goals is an essential part of living in our modern world.  Money can’t buy everything and it is not an end in itself. But money sure is great for the things that money can buy, and we can all get it – if we know the rules of the game and learn to play it well.