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What Winning Investors Do Differently?

Business - Job Interview with candidate and HRThere must be some reason and good reason for sure that some people have the Midas touch whereas others turn even golden investments to dust. Winning investors, apart from having a different kind of mindset than the herd, also execute with a rare vigour. Real estate investment is not child’s play but then it is not mired with as many difficulties as myths would have us digest.

Research above all

The first thing I have often witnessed the steadily earning investors doing right is RESEARCH. Yes, they do a lot of it and it makes a difference. Suppose you are buying an apartment in the inner CBD area. So won’t you like to know the comparable sales figure of the area? Won’t you be interested in figuring out the rental yield and the capital growth potential, the level of gentrification, the town planning initiatives, so on and so forth? If not handsome amount of research and Due Diligence, what will aid you in understanding if your property can help you make money or not?

Strong idea of the budget

Winning investors also have a typically strong idea of their budget and do not overpay. They know just at what amount is a property a good buy and beyond what point it becomes a bad purchase. Of course, this again comes at the price of hard work and research. Yes, one cannot overlook a factor called ‘instinct’.

Purposeful team

No winning investor can do well- not at least invariably- without the help of a purposeful team. You need your conveyancer to check the title deed and conduct pest and building inspection (among other things), you need your accountant to figure out the Stamp Duty and the Capital Gains Tax, your lawyer to settle any encroachments and whole lot of other professionals in your team to iron out any possible creases which may come to affect your investment on a later day.

Real estate investments, when they go right, bring a lot of cheer to one’s face. The above recommendations may be the difference between making a good investment and bad.