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My Methods For Winning Auction Sales

How to win auction sales

Bidding at auction is not for the fainthearted. Unless you are a regular buyer of properties, my advice is to hire a professional buyers agent in Sydney. 

Auction sales for properties are fast-paced, nerve-racking, and peppered with many professionals who have one goal, and that’s to win the auction. 

Chances are, you have been bidding at auctions roughly a hundred times less than any of the professionals.

Let me share with you some of my methods for winning auction sales. 

Learn More About the Property

Research housing market before auction

Is the property you want to bid on really a dream property? As a professional buyers agent, I have my ear to the ground and I have contacts that can provide me with a clear picture of the property inside and out.

After many years of being in the industry, I am very familiar with the Sydney property market. I can tell my clients what the seller is not showing you. An auction sale is legally binding, therefore it is crucial to know potential issues beforehand. 

By knowing the real value of the property, I can put out the best offer based on factual knowledge. It is why I can look at things objectively and do not overbid based on the true value of the property. If I think the property is overpriced, I advise my clients to walk away. 

Dress Like a Winner

Dress well for a property auction

When I represent my clients, I dress professionally. In fact, I dress like a winner. What does dressing in flip flops and tank tops tell other people about you?

I come to an auction dressed like a winner so the competition knows I mean business. It also tells the competition that you have a very big budget, which can make others back down and stop bidding earlier. 

Position Myself in the Middle of the Room

When I represent my clients’ interests, I make sure I am front and centre. I make sure everyone in the room can see me and I am bidding from a position of strength. An inexperienced bidder would not want to draw attention to himself or herself, which inadvertently weakens their position. When I bid for your dream property, I BID for your dream property and I make sure the auctioneer hears me loud and clear. 

Psyche Out The Competitors

My strategy for outbidding my closest competitor is using a psychological tactic of psyching out. I am not ashamed to say that I use intimidation tactics by being overconfident and being nonchalant when regarding them. I also ask them questions that will make them feel apprehensive.

Wait Until the Last Minute To Place a Bid

If, after reading the room well, and if I think it’s right, I wait until the last minute to make a crushing last-minute bid. This strategy is usually something that only a highly experienced bidder can pull off. Because a novice could misread the room, the situation, which can end in losing out on a dream property. As long as the price is still right, I am inclined to wait until the last minute before placing a bid. This method can also give you negotiating rights after the auction. 

Be Objective

Hire a buyers agent to win your auction

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why you should hire a buyers agent to bid on your dream property. Can you imagine the emotional toll bidding on your dream property can take?

Bidding with your emotions can result in a disaster, and place you in a bind when you find out you cannot afford the property. My position allows me the detachment that is required to think objectively and keep a cool head.

Facts. Reality. True Value. Budget. Objectivity. These are why it’s best to leave the bidding to me. 

I offer property buyers in Sydney the Auction Bidding package. If after researching and viewing the property the only thing left is to bid on it, leave the job to me. This package is perfect for those who do not want to bid or cannot make it to the auction. 

If property sellers have professionals representing them, then why shouldn’t you? Call me now and secure your dream property.