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Safer windows needed for children

Window LockChildren may fall from windows that do not have a strong flyscreen or can be locked open beyond 12.5 centimetres. Fifty or more reports of such falls every year has not changed our approach. The new rules in place ensure that the properties built after May must have reinforced meshes or window locks in place. However, no one is discussing about the older properties. Much like the swimming pools and balcony railings, children should also be protected from window openings. Parents will agree that children are often too fast for them and do not have any idea of the risk associated with falling.

In cases when the apartment seller is not willing to take up the issue, parents must themselves go to the nearest hardware store and fetch steady window locks. Risks can be minimized by using modern-day reinforced meshes or flyscreens (Retrofitting). An average of $130 for an effective window screen is not too big an amount to pay for your child’s safety. Also, it may be a poor idea to promote window locks for only the bedrooms as about 20% accidents happen in other habitable rooms.

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How far can you compromise your child’s safety?