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Doors and windows- weak links of home insulation

1416865_narrow_street_sceneryWith the property market getting a shot in the arm, it has become significant to look at the aspect of home renovation, too. While décor regarding indoor spaces, gardens and patios are sufficiently considered, issues of home insulation are still ignored at times, writes Carolyn Boyd for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Things are definitely improving and we have come past the times of denial. Earlier, a single-pane glass door was considered a solution for the insulation malady. Today, there is a lot greater acceptance of the problem and double-glaze doors are being given their due recognition. Home owners are looking to insulate their homes against heat and cold, save on energy, and go one up on environmental-friendliness.

Suppliers need to be a lot more conscientious

While all this is praiseworthy, the suppliers need to get their act right and pretty quickly too. They are still relying on off-the-shelf double glaze doors when customization is the need of the hour. Also, they are clearly shying away from investing in this niche of home renovation. The success of LED lights has amply demonstrated that low-carbon, low-electricity ideas are being highly sought today. Much in the same vein, double-glaze doors (low emissivity) should also be made an imperative for homes.

Energy-saving is the crux

I think that Boyd has made a strong point about how home insulation creates a much-needed comfort factor in times of taxing climatic conditions.  There is a need to reduce carbon footprint and be at par with the energy-saving requirement. Non-Renewable energy sources are under hammer and we are looking at a huge global deficit of energy. In such times, such ideas of home insulation seem like a panacea.

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Have you been able to insulate your home by using more energy-efficient doors and windows?