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Open homes give clues to prospective buyers

1212371_lift_offOpen Home has done rather well as a procedure that draws prospective buyers towards residential listed properties. However, the fun component begins when you turn the open homes into a kind of an event, may be a complete carnival. Steven Cross for the Real Estate Business writes that top agents have found open homes to be quite a show.

The glitzier you make them the better. Cross writes that the industry pundits believe in a few must haves for the open home event.

  • Balloons and flags that ease the identification of an open home property
  • A branded doormat
  • A whiff of music dancing around the home
  • Freebies for children
  • Activities to keep them busy

Great for lead generation

A few agents take their job even more seriously and ensure that there is a dress code for every staff. To add, they also arrange for finger foods and coffees when it comes to showcasing high-end properties. The agents believe that there is no better method of lead generation and thus spending a little on these events is well worth it.

Cross writes that the agents in the business have talked about meeting as many as 10 to 15 prospective buyers on each occasion. Many of them are locals but there is no dearth of outsiders either. This means that the agents can also earn the referral fee by taking the outsiders to their company offices in their respective cities.

You can read the full article here.

A possible demerit of open home

For an idea that has earned so many brownie points, let’s point out at least one drawback-

The open home carnivals are giving second thoughts to aspiring real estate agents. The idea involves spending one’s weekends over organizing an event. The thought of spending all the weekends away from their family (thus limiting the scope of quality family time) is not a likeable thought for many individuals.

What was the most carnival-like open home you ever attended?