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Why You Can’t Do Without a Buyers’ Agent

Buyers agent Eastern SuburbsTwo questions typically written on the creased forehead of every property buyer are, “Am I paying more than I need to?” and “Am I making a mistake in the way I’m purchasing property?”. These questions are pertinent and finding solutions for them is essential. I think that a simple and a very effective answer to the question is a two word term- Buyers’ Agent.

The role of a buyer’s agent

A capable Buyers’ Agent who understands the nitty-gritty of the real estate business will stand behind you with complete loyalty because her sole obligation lies with you. This is quite a reassurance once you realise that sellers often have quite an army of working professionals on their side.

Right property, right price

A buyers’ agent is very crucial to your dream of buying the right property at the right price because only such a professional has a vantage point perspective of the technicalities involved. For instance, are you in a position to understand and benefit from data like:

  • The comparable sales figure of properties of similar nature sold within the last 6 months in the same area?
  • The expected capital growth figures of the area?
  • The expected rental yield of the area?
  • Prevailing zoning restrictions for residential and commercial properties?
  • Slope of land, seasonal water tables, run-off water and volume of vegetation, among other things?
  • Areas most likely to benefit from economic and infrastructure initiatives?

Who can tell you which location to choose if you don’t have a buyer’s agent well-versed in the implications of the above bullet points?


When we buy properties, a good number of times we look for those ones which are renovation-worthy. But you can be fooled easily. It is not easy to decipher which one is a renovator’s dream and which one is not unless you have been in the real estate game for some time now. Another thing: more often than not, we do not really know how our dreams will settle on the blank canvas of a property we want to renovate after buying. A buyers’ agent has the acumen, the talent and the heart and vision to tell you if your dream–whatever you mention to them–can actually be realised.

Great at negotiation

And of course, buyer’s agents are your mighty ally at the negotiation table. Because these professionals have a fair idea of the price at which properties should go, they can keep knocking on the sellers till they get you at or even below those prices.

Buyer’s agent in Eastern Suburbs

I have always felt that as a Buyers’ agent working in Eastern Suburbs, I have got great responsibility. After all, I am dealing with nothing short of your dream here. I take my job as an honour and try to stand up to it. If you have a home purchase in mind, feel free to contact me today.