What to Look For in a Buyers Agent

Buyers' agent eastern suburbsYou do not want to buy a house on your own unless of course you think you have got the power to tackle all the bits that come with such a purchase. But there must be the “perfect way” when it comes to choosing the buyers’ agents? After all, you do not want to be laden with a person whom you cannot feel comfortable with or whose craft you do not feel too happy about. So, here is what I feel you must look for in such professionals.

Seek a compatible personality

Before else, their personality should be compatible with you. No matter how gifted they are, unless they can think or attempt to think along the line of your vision or your dream, they will never succeed in realizing your goal. Every home is a dream in concrete and the road to achieving it cannot be traveled unless a professional puts his heart (apart from his head) in it.

Let me put my point with an example. If you are the kind who wants to go through each site himself, hand in hand with your buyers agent, you will never quite like a professional who asks you to keep easy and let him/her do the various site inspections.

Ability to describe

Apart from being pretty sensitive to your wish and preferences, such professionals must also have an inherent capacity to explain things and put them in perspective. Buyers’ agents know many intricacies of the home purchase job but they cannot expect you to understand them equally well. It then becomes crucial that they are ready to explain points inasmuch as they can, and in a layman’s way so that a homeowner and an agent arrive at the same page.

Take you through till the end

The role of a buyers’ agent is not only to make the site inspections and choose a property for you. They need to take you through the rubicon. For instance, their job is not finished unless they bring in other professionals like conveyancers and accountants and ensure that your building and pest inspection is conducted properly and the title deed you get does not turn out to be a rogue one.

If you have a home purchase in mind, I would love to take you through it till the point of purchase. Feel free to contact me today. May be, together we can be more than the sum of our parts.