What Is Your Buyer Type?

property buyer quizWith the property investment market getting really buoyant over the last 12 months, the way you step up to buy your property will matter a lot in months to come. It then might help if you know what kind of buyer are you. After all, knowing where you stand in terms of buyer preference and style will help you in tackling investment challenges a whole lot better.

We are all different types of buyers. Some of us are glued to our information-sucking tablets while others among us know the pulse points of the negotiating table. Realestateview.com.au has come up with a nice quiz to help you know your buyer type.

You may be among these four buyer types:

1. Hung-on-gadget buyers

In this case, you are a person bent on using your gadget each time you possibly can. You like to reach out for maximum information and you stick more to the online tools of property assessments.

2. Champion negotiators

These people know best that the top deals are those which create a win-win situation for both sides. Champion property negotiators know when to talk and when to listen and they also know the fact that there is always a weak point in your adversary, ready to be exploited (and ethically).

3. Nervous shifters

These kinds of buyers find the process of shifting a house really overwhelming. They are afraid of change and find it hard to adapt to it. Such buyers should always be ready to ask a wide range of questions to their agents. It will lighten their pressure of shifting houses.

4. Overseers

These kinds of buyers are always ready to help. Having done a lot of research themselves, they are willing to share the fruits of their labour with the property buying fraternity. Thus, you will have this class of buyers supervising others, telling them where to buy, how to perform Due Diligence and so on.

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I think it may pay to take the quiz. I also have a small advice for the gadget-hungry buyers. It is sometimes handy to come out of the mould. It is nice to seek information online but this can work  as a double-edged sword at times. For instance, it is well-known how online property valuations can be deceptive, unnecessarily making the valuation process complex and open to algorithmic misinterpretations.

So, which buyer type are you? My wish for you is that you are simply the successful type!