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Why You Would Look At Median House Prices

It is any investor’s dream to buy in an area which has historically registered smart capital growth. Add to this the time-tested principles of buying in a fast-developing neighbourhood and moving in sync with shifting paradigms- proximity to urban location, cafe culture, among other things. This said, the importance of researching median prices cannot be overestimated. After all, it gives you a rather precise idea of how property is priced for the given area.
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Sydneysiders and Melburnians Have Different House-hunting Priorities

Michael Yardney produces yet another interesting article for the Property update where he devotes a few lines to build up the rivalry between Sydneysiders and Melburnians. Quite true actually; Sydney will contest with Melbourne over the taste of coffee, weather, sports venues and what not. Let me however come to the central point the article speaks on- priorities of the buyers in two capital cities while hunting for houses.
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First Home Buyers In NSW Eyeing Investor’s Tag

One of the most reliable (and reputed) property comparison websites,, feels that the first home buyers (FHBs) in Western Australia will set the tone of property investment for their interstate rivals. As many as 90% of Western Australia’s first home buyers have set property purchase as their New Year resolution. They are a fiercely resolved lot and their desire to buy “interstate” may make life difficult for their peers in other states.
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Aussie Buyers Seek Location Above The Condition Of The Property

Location is on the top of the minds of Australian property buyers. This is followed by availability of amenities. To put it differently, the condition of a property hardly holds centre-stage in the criteria a buyer sets for himself today. Brendan Wong for The Adviser asserts that “property condition” has lost its traditional dominance.
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The Term “Property Boom” Is A misnomer

It’s quite a feeling when you get your opinion voiced from other quarters as well. Being a person who has long been vocal against the use of term “bust” and “boom”, I feel vindicated while reading Mark Armstrong’s piece on the Property Observer. He asserts that we are not at or near a phase of property boom and the present growth is part of the natural property cycle.
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Urgent Need To Do Away With Stamp Duty

The government-in-coming will do well to abolish stamp duty, says the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA). Stamp duty, levied as a traditional property tax, is not only inefficient but also decreases productivity of the nation.
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7 Tips To Hit Upon Property Bargains

Property hunters sometimes get trapped in deals they could have fetched cheaper. To ensure a balancing act, the market presents a property bargain every once in a while. Here is taking a look at the best tips to hunt for such bargains. Read More

Home Building Costs Might Escalate In Coming Times

Are you planning to build a new home for yourself? Well! The time is just about ripe and you would be better off getting it built quickly enough. You may think why is this need to get it done quickly? Instead of taking a long dig at the answer, let me answer it straightaway for you.
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“Walkable” neighbourhoods are more sought after

In times when Australians are opting for the inner-city experience over the idyllic life of the suburbia and choosing balconies instead of backyards, ‘Walkability’ has certainly become a prime criteria for selecting homes. Michael Yardney for the Property Update asserts that homes closer to amenities, transport and healthcare facilities will be among the more sought after.
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3 property market reports you cannot miss

As many as 3 Australian property market reports are worthy of an evaluation. An article on the ‘FX open’ website discusses them in great detail. Let us take a look.
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