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Safeguarding Your Property Against Lawsuits

preventing burglaryRisk of third-party injury, tenant injury, burglary, electrocution and fire debacles can take away your peace of mind and considerably so. This is why every investor who is also a landlord should have a certain set of rental protocols to follow. While the law does not make it mandatory, you are well advised to be in the green with these, just so a later-day lawsuit does not make you pay through your nose.

CO and smoke alarms

Smoke alarms and not any of those- yes, you got me right. To the best of my knowledge, I consider Nest Labs’s products most commendable in terms of quality. Go for a simulation once you install it. Great chances that it will pick up even the minutest traces of smoke. I have also been recommending CO alarms, among others, which drive away any chances of gas poisoning.

Safety switches

The importance of safety switches can hardly be undermined. With the ability to blow the fuse the moment there is an oversupply of current, it prevents many an accidents. Short-circuit related fire hazards can be a thing of the past now.

Shower screens

Glass shower screens of below-par quality tend to fracture during intense cold and heat. This can cause bodily injuries without much invitation. Naturally, the toughened glass screens are the ideal choices, ones which withstand the pressure of sudden contraction.

Locks and latches

Locks and latches anyone! Many a times your keys are already in circulation. After all, can you remember the occasions when you have had to share it with your milkman, trusted electrician or plumber? For all you know, not getting it re-keyed might land you in burglary trouble.

Tenants need to feel secure about the place they live in. Yes, they are renting your place but the place should give an impression of the ideal home they would have loved to purchase some day. If you get your act right, you can bring in a sense of security and also indemnify yourself against lawsuits that may arise sometime in future. Great way to press for higher rents, too!

How do you prioritize home security as a landlord?