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Rampantly Circulating Old Key a Security Threat

security threatIt’s a deplorable mistake to make and yet we keep making it all the same. Hint- it is related to your home security. Yes, you guessed it right (perhaps). I am talking about not going to a locksmith for re-keying your property. Do you ask me why?

Many may possess the duplicate of your key

Well, answer me this. Do you remember how many times you had to part with your main key or one of its copies during your stay at a particular home? From employees of the Body Corporate organisation to neighbours (when you are away on a holiday) to developer to may be maintenance guys or cleaners- the point is that your key exchanges hands quite often. Can you be assured that down the gut of time none of them will ever harbour a nefarious interest in your property. Because if they do, all it needs is $10 to get the keys duplicated.

Now imagine that the home you have just bought and shifted into had a previous owner just like you. It does not need reiterating that your new key may already have many possessing its security code. Unless you get it changed, you may find your house burgled the next time you are away.

Master Locksmiths

Come to think of it, it is no big thing to get the lock security changed. For curbing the security threat, all you have got to do is go to a competent locksmith (one preferably affiliated to the Master Locksmith’s Association) and ask him to pull the lock apart and reshuffle the security digits. Changing the pin from inside the barrel comes easy to anyone who plies the locksmith’s craft even reasonably well.

Don’t go DIY

May be you are contemplating on the DIY kits which come with a typical resource tool for manipulating the keys. I will advise against it because I believe home security is not something you can jeopardise. I have found -much to my chagrin- people doing the electrical stuff in a DIY way and I have similar reservations there. I don’t imagine a certified electrician or a locksmith can ever be a burden big enough on the pocket to warrant a DIY measure- that too when we know what’s involved in the bargain.

Can you share any ill-experience with a frequently circulated key?