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5 Features Investors Should Aim For To Attract Tenants

Suburban Australian HouseWhen rental returns stagnate, investors have to think outside the box. Fortunately, there is no dearth of ways in which they can make their properties more enticing for prospective tenants. To attract tenants, you will need to improvise, and you will earn your investment back through a mix of depreciation claims, rent hike and decreased vacancy.  Let me propose 5 ways to give your home a tenant-worthy look.

1# Space for vehicle

Give your car a shelter. Tenants love the idea of their cars being in shade. If your home boasts of a garage or a carport structure, there is no denying it will be looked on favourably by prospective tenants.

2# Security features

Go for security features. In this regard, we certainly live in interesting times. There is a horde of tools which can prevent burglary attempts. They may include, but are certainly not restricted to, infra-red sensors, occupation sensors and CCTV cameras. Homes which have an in-built toxic sensor are appreciated a lot, too.

3# Fresh coat of paint

My experience as a buyer’s agent has taught me that paint can be a great influence on prospective tenants. A fresh coat of paint can play with visual perception quite unlike anything else. It sure creates quite an impression on them.

4# Pets

A vast majority of tenants want to bring their pets in. If you allow them without setting up severe provisions and stern clauses, you will give prospective tenants one more good reason to appreciate you.

5# Long-term lease

Many tenants love the idea of a long-term lease, as it gives them a sense of security. Most of the won’t even mind paying a little bit extra. There is nothing like having the provision of a long-term lease in place.

Property manager

Your property manager can come in handy for he/she can let you understand the psyche of the tenants clearly. You can then work on the knowledge gained through them and prepare yourself differently from others.