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Features That Top The Wish List Of Tenants

feature for tenantsThere are features tenants might give their right arm for and still others that tenants may not even give a second thought to. Funnily, the fads keep changing and you cannot stick your throat out and make the call.

An elaborate survey conducted in Brisbane by Beesnees has come up with some food for thought for landlords. On what features and renovations should they put their money? An article by Rob Honeycombe marks out the key conclusions from the survey.

Here then are a few features which are very high on the wish list of tenants:

‘Park your money’ on the parking lot

Yes, parking spots. It was 4th most sought after feature in the 2011 survey but this year; it has become the prime focus of tenants. Continued shortage of street parking has perhaps led to such a response in favour of parking lots.

Some kind of an outdoor space

Most tenants seek some semblance of outdoor area. While they may not be ambitious enough to look for large or garish patios and courtyards, they definitely look for a habitable outdoor space where they can plan a barbecue or spend a few reflective moments.

Maintenance-free homes with high-speed internet

Tenants also vouched for clean, modern spaces that did not require too much of maintenance. Interestingly, this year, high-speed internet connections have got their due recognition.

Landlords will do well to facilitate infrastructure that make high-speed connections possible.

In his article, Honeycombe also advises not to spend money on Gymnasiums or swimming pools.

You can read the original article here.

Green homes- another feature worth paying for

I personally feel that one feature will make a big entry in next year’s survey. I am talking about green certification for homes – energy efficient, cost saving homes.

Tenants are already feeling the impact of higher energy bills and they know how a ‘green’ home can reduce their bills considerably.

If you were a tenant, what three features would you want the most?