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5 Imaginative Tips To Advertise Your Rental Properties

billboardLarry Arth writes a piece for the website How to Buy Real Estate. Here, he categorically points out the best ways to advertise your rental properties. Of course, there are certain areas, says Arth, where demand is so high that houses are picked up the moment they are listed. For all the other areas, it might help to be one up on the competition.

Make your properties visible

With sincere marketing efforts you will always be in the sight of prospects that are looking for vacancies. It works quite simply! There are people on the lookout for properties but how will they get to you unless you are visible to them? Arth lists 5 ways in which you can advertise your rental property.

1. Blogging

There are many real estate investors who shy away from talking about their holdings. I think this is a defeatist strategy. On the contrary, something like blogging can work seriously for them. Over a casual platform, they will have a great means of advertising their property.

2. Pinterest

Arth contests that 80% of decisions are taken by women at home and this makes Pinterest a great place to advertise yourself. Yes, you will definitely need some really catchy pictures of your home.

3. Penetrative ads

Make your advertisement more focused and penetrative. Social media can help you achieve a laser focus. When you narrow the demographic, you will definitely get closer to your goal.

4. Mailing

The old-school idea of mailing can offer great results, too (did you think it’s outdated? Think again!)

5. Play with the fame of local schools

Play with the idea of local schools that have gained popularity among masses. You can advertise your property saying, “residing here can get you admitted to XXXX school” or “enroll your kids into YYYY school by living in our neighbourhood”.

You can read the original article here.

Power of word of mouth

There is a whole world of ideas. Paid listings, property signages, Pay-per-lead, print advertisements and word of mouth can all work pretty well. Give your property a smart curb appeal and a fresh coat of exterior paint and word of mouth will take you past the post.