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Sure-fire Way Of Succeeding With Property Investments

In his article appearing in the Property Update, Michael Yardney sheds light on Geoffrey James’s success formula. Yardney believes that the formula can be just as easily adapted for succeeding with property investments. It will benefit us to glance through the formula once.

In 7 simple steps, one can make a successful move no matter what he is aspiring for.

1. Be rational at the starting point

The genesis or the starting point is the first step. This step deals with rationally chalking out strategies, thinking about future implementations, and taking an unbiased look at the resources available.

You must know what you are inherently capable of and what are the external stimuli or possible threats provided by the outside world.

2. Keep a definite goal

No journey is worth undertaking unless you have a definite goal in mind. Success has a different meaning for every individual and thus the road to success and the evaluation of goal is also an individual thing.

3. Make flexible road-maps

Make a roadmap from point A to B. Best plans are those which are pretty flexible in nature. This dynamic world around us changes faster than we blink.

Thus, it is only befitting that our journey from point A to Point B (source to destination) remains loaded with change of plans. Successful planners know that nothing “can be cast in concrete”.

4. Succeed a plan with full-fledged implementation

“Thought without action is abortion”. No plan can succeed unless it is acted upon. Once you have made an objective assessment of a plan, you must take full-fledged steps to ensure its implementation and success.

5. Make neutral assessment

Sit back and notice every once in a while whether your action is taking you closer to the goal or not. Often, we ‘manufacture’ evidence to support our theory that we are succeeding but this is only because we fear to fail.

Those who have learnt the art of succeeding make an unprejudiced enquiry (in small intervals) to find out if they are doing any better. If not, they retrace their steps.

6. If things work out well….

…..increase your efforts and channel them in an even better way. Remember, without “massive action”, there can be no success in the offing.

7. If things do not work out well……

…….retrace your steps if things are not working out as planned. Move to the third step and find out what may have gone wrong. It certainly is the time to reconsider the roadmap from point A to point B.

You can read the original article here.

There is no doubt in my mind that the idea will work in the world of property investments too. In my opinion, we can make great headway towards success if we stick to our strengths, remember to have a vantage-point view of a problem and do not succumb to interruptions and delays once we have started acting on a plan.

What in your opinion is the top mantra for success?