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The Top Six Deciding Factors For Your Dream Home

Without building any background for the article, let me quickly take you on a trip of six deciding factors for your dream home.

Factor 1# Floor plan

What is the floor plan? As an example, you cannot opt for an open floor plan if you are a traditionalist and the opposite is just as true. I know clients who would bypass the entire dining hall in their quest to give their kitchens prominence.

Factor 2# Aspect and slope

Aspect is important and crucial, too, is the way light falls on the windows and ventilation sits in the home. Here, we should pause and think about the slope of the land, too. Imagine yourself choosing a relative low-land with a minimal slope. The perfect recipe for water-logging!

Factor 3# Property’s age

Look for the age of the property. Some of us are connoisseurs and we will give our right arms for a heritage property. We won’t mind its lack of energy-efficiency and the costs involved in window retrofitting (among other things). Similarly, some of us wish for the bohemian draw or the completely sophisticated neo-age homes. So, unless you figure out the age of the property, you will never know if it matches your aspirations.

Factor 4# Location

Look where the property is seated. Are you a person who wants to live alone, away from the amenities or do you want cafes, shopping dens, hospitals, schools and transport hubs close by.

Factor 5# Property’s layout

What is the layout of your prospective property? Will it accommodate your furniture and fittings? Moreover, is it just as you would want it to be? For instance, does the kitchen look over the playroom (in case you have a toddler) or is the patio area an extension of your bedroom (I know clients who want it just that way).

Factor 6# Renovation-readiness

Another important point is the renovation-readiness of your prospective home. You want a stamp of your personality on the home you live in. However great they may originally look, buyers wish to fiddle with the rooms and outer area a little (or a lot).

So definitely, you must prefigure how much of renovation is possible for the home you are looking to buy. In case, it is a rigid structure which cannot be flexed with, it is certainly not worth buying or investing.

Everyone deserves a place in the Sun and that particular place we call our home is like a cocoon which shelters us from the incongruities of life. It better be a blessing!

Which factor do you give priority to while deciding on a property?