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5 Mistakes Buyers Commonly Make in Purchasing an Investment Property

investment propertyWhen you’re excited to purchase a strata-titled property, you always make mistakes out of excitement. Aidan Devine, from Your Investment Property, highlights the five most common mistakes that investors make during their purchase. According to Devine, most investors forget the check the financial books of the company and records of repairs done in the past. It is vital to check the financial status of the company and the records of repairs to ensure that you won’t have any unexpected problems regarding these two in the future.

Investors, wowed by the unit, often forget to ask for the contact details of the landlord in case a problem with the unit arises. It is also important to look deeper and not just on the surface. You might end up paying expensive maintenance fee if you let the appearance of the unit and the agent’s sweet talk become your main reasons for making the purchase.

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