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First Home Buyers Seizing the Day

first home buyerAn article on the website suggests how first home buyers (FHBs) are looking beyond home ownership and setting their sights on property investment. Instead of short-term bliss, the FHBs are seeking wealth and security. Looks interesting!

First home buyers living the investment dream

Those FHBs who find themselves cramped for money are taking the investment plunge by going for co-ownership. They do not mind sharing the deed of their home with someone else (family or friend or colleague) if it is for the good cause of finding an investment-grade property which is way above what they could have purchased on their own.

First home buyers purchasing in suburbs

First home buyers are seeking smart investment in the suburbs where prices are not as high as the CBD areas but expected to grow really well in future. For the time being, the new Australian generation does not feel any ill at ease in living with their parents. In their hearts, they carry an investment dream and for it they are ready to sacrifice independence, vacations, and so much more.

You can read the original article here.

Buying in cheap areas, renting in expensive ones

The new breed of first home buyers are investing in suburbs and are using the rental income to pay the mortgage as well as the rent that they need to pay for their rented CBD properties (of course, they have to put in some cash from their own pocket).

They are, indeed, getting a great deal, since at this stage, they cannot hope to invest in CBD properties. For now, they just rent such properties and enjoy living in stylish homes and becoming an investor simultaneously, and that, for many FHBs, is already quite something.