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Should You Bother About Timing the Market?

timing the market“Timing the market” is an overrated concept, writes Michael Yardney, in an article for the website Property Update. Yardney begins by stating how many of us have already made up our minds that we have missed the property boat this time around and it may not be worth buying properties, now that the prices have peaked.


Counter-cyclic investments

This same drivel was given in 2004, 2007, 2010 and now. It is not that timing is not important or it does not have its merit but a lot of money can be made even through counter-cyclic investments which fly in the face of “timing the market”. How do the Warren Buffets make money when so often they go against the herd and show greed when others are fearful and great fear when others are looking for easy money?

Is there a right time to buy a property?

It is because they know that grit, gameplan, fearlessness are more important than timing the market. A decade ago, someone would have said, “the time to buy properties has passed and I will wait for the future”. Yet, if the same person would have bought property then (even at peaked prices) and held it till today, he would have made a fortune in terms of capital growth.

Yardney writes that mindset becomes a more important weapon than knowledge when it comes to making the right moves in the property market.

You can read the original article here.

Timing the market/ time on market not that important

If you are not a cricketer, you don’t need to worry about timing. Not at any rate if you are playing in the property market. I think that neither “timing the market” is that important nor “time on market” is. What is important is that you buy the right kind of properties.

Various factors affecting property growth

There are myriad factors which can affect the growth of properties. Location, multiple drivers of economy, government initiatives, supply-demand equation, and personal attributes like renovation-worthiness, slope/floor plan/orientation, among other things, determine how a property may behave. It is important that you choose the property wisely and not get unduly bothered about the timing.