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3D real estate videos for Smart TVs praiseworthy

1104950_vector_abstract_background_designTaking cue from futuristic scientific endeavors, a real estate group in South Australia has introduced 3D technology for smart TVs.  In short, this implies that the buyers can do a complete 3D home inspection of their loved properties, sitting in their homes.


Toop & Toop can be credited with this technology leap, one which allows buyers to use 3D for a full survey of a property, without having to leave their homes. Steven Cross for the Real Estate Business reports how smart TVs can now work as smartphones, providing a detailed glance into our dream houses.

A full 3D inspection

Using Adelaide’s tryst with digital TV technology (Adelaide switches to digital on 2nd April 2013), Toop & Toop desires to bring various real estate consumers within their fold. After all, is it not going to be so heartening for the consumers- they can inspect a home from every nook and corner, pausing at any point they want, hanging on with a few sections (let’s say kitchens) for longer, and seeing a property at their own leisure time? You can read the original article here.

An observer’s view

I feel that it is going to be quite an idea. When someone inspects a home, he also becomes a part of the full experience and thus it might become difficult to possess an observer’s point of view. However, watching a 3D video on your Smart TV allows you to be a vantage-point observer rather than a participant and hence you can assume a clearer perspective of a home.

To round it up

Such ideas are always welcome. Virtubuyr’s effort of creating human holograms (spatial) is also praiseworthy in this context. Through this concept, a visitor can get his image scanned and then posted as a virtual clone. In effect, you can find yourself already living in a home (sitting in a couch, cooking meals) that you are planning to inspect.

Have you downloaded the Smart real estate app on your Smart TV?