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Print Media Real Estate Ads – Jurassic Practice

real estateIn a recent article for the Property Observer, Terry Ryder talks about print media advertising for real estate agencies. He cites the example of a Melbourne based agency that decided to stop all printed newspaper advertising. In their words, advertising in newspapers is somewhat “Jurassic” in nature.  Have you tried looking for a 4 bedroom apartment in Double Bay using a printed newspaper recently?

The question of many is that why has it taken so long for such agencies to actually realise the importance of online marketing for real estates as opposed to newspaper ads. There are a few real estate agencies that have been doing their advertising online for around 10 years now. These days, clients are becoming outraged that some agencies still charge them a huge amount of money for advertising.

Real Estate Agencies’ Ulterior Motives for Print Media Real Estate Ads

There are speculations that some agents get a commission for every ad that they refer to a newspaper company. If you also notice, it is usually the real estate agency’s own logo that is most prominent, rather than your home that they are trying to sell. So the agency really gets free advertising using your money.

The Convenience of Online Marketing for Real Estate

By doing online marketing, it is easy for buyers to filter the property that they are interested in. They can filter location, price and type of property. Not only that, most people these days would like to browse through pictures of the property first and save a lot of time and energy. No longer will they have to visit each property to have a good look.

So, if a real estate agent advises you to spend tons of money for newspaper advertising, I agree with Terry Ryder: kick this agent out and hire a new one.

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