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What you need to know before undertaking home renovation

Sydney Property - Buyers Agent SydneyHome renovation or revamping is time for taking a few creative liberties. There is something about it which makes people simply love the idea. When you are about to inhabit a house, you attach a lot of merit to its renovation. However, any such revamping might turn out to be an endless “money pit”, argues Brad Porteus in an article for


There are 7 major reasons why home renovation may not work like a dream sequence feels Porteus:

  • A home may look brilliant from a distance but if it has been vacant for long, it must be suffering from some serious lapse. Hence, it might not be worthwhile to give it a try.
  • Sometimes, electrical or plumbing basics are terribly misplaced for a home. This has the potential to turn the most elementary renovations into unachievable tasks.
  • Mould can be quite a devil. Those areas which have faced a storm in the recent past suffer from molds invariably. These can bring down the strength of walls quite a bit.
  • Windows or panels might seem a “million dollars worth” from outside but may just be hiding some serious rotten wood beneath its surface, says Porteus.
  • Sometimes, homes are vacant simply because they are infested with bugs. These bugs do not show themselves during home inspections but catch you unawares when you go ahead with the renovations.
  • Fissures and cracks can be further causes for worry. From the exterior, it may be as good as new, but you will find a lot of crevices, right from the foundation area, once you move in for renovations.
  • Good neighbours are a must. If you have seen the movie Disturbia, you know how important it is to have the right kind of neighbours around.

In the final analysis

Porteus brings home a few very useful points. I think that from the buyer’s perspective it is important to check when the last home Staging was performed for a property. It is also crucial to get through the Land Deed agreement in totality (to find out any problem in terms of molds, fissures and so on). You must also get in touch with the Property managers to find out what kinds of repair works were undertaken and how successful were they. A buyer should also try to find as much from neighbours as possible.