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Sandstone masterpiece Bomera sells for $12.5 million

bomeraBomera, the Italianate sandstone mansion at Potts Point has sold for $12.5 million, says Jonathan Chancellor while writing for the Property Observer. With a clear view of the Woolloomooloo Bay, this powerful piece of architecture encompasses 2150 square meters. Jorge Fernandez, an expatriate real estate developer has fetched a reasonable price for the deal.  Having undergone an intensive revamping in 2003 (Graham Brooks & Associates), the property was listed with very high hopes in the year 2011. It aimed to fetch about $25 million but has procured only half of the expected price.

Bomera is the more illustrious half of the Bomera-Tarana combo. While it is spread over 2150 square meters, Tarana takes up 1550 square meters of space.